BIG NEWS!Sister Wives: Meri Reveals 5 Eye-Openers Ahead of Season 19

Sister Wives star Meri Brown had a lot to say when her latest interview dropped this week, and she hints she has more of her story to tell in Season 19 of the TLC series. This includes the family’s story, and she offered a few clues on what that might look like.

#1 Sister Wives: Meri Brown All Done Reaching Out to Co-Wives

Meri Brown talked about her relationships with the other women who once made up the Sister Wives plural marriage. Those relationships are just about non-existent today. But she remains cordial with all of them when their paths cross.



Sister Wives | TLC

She said she’s done with relationships that don’t enrich your life… so, it seems she filed Kody Brown and her ex-co-wives under that category. This also sounds like it includes Robyn Brown, who was Meri’s best friend for years.

#2 Janelle Brown & Christine Brown Surprised Meri

During this interview, from Miss Understood with Rachel, Rachel Uchitel asked her about Christine Brown and Janelle Brown‘s relationship. Rachel pointed out that they look close today.

Meri agreed that they were close, which surprised her. When they were together as a family, they weren’t close. So, this bond came about after they severed ties with Kody.

#3 Sister Wives: Meri Shoves Kody Brown’s Words Down His Throat

One of the more hurtful things Kody Brown said about Meri Brown in the last season was that he never loved her.  Meri won’t let that go.

So, during this interview, Meri once again denied that Kody never loved her, despite what he said on the Sister Wives show. Fans thought it was awful how he denounced ever having loved Meri and accused her of manipulating him into marriage.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

But Meri is right. And proof of this comes from the Sister Wives book that the five adults in this polygamous marriage penned together. He gushed about his time with Meri, his first wife, whom he loved and cherished.

In the book, Kody also talked about the special time they had together as a husband with only one wife back then. So, it sounds like Meri Brown has more to say about this when Season 19 rolls out.

#4 Christine Brown Prides Herself on Vetting

Meri also talked about the process of bringing a new wife into the family. She said that Robyn Brown not only courted Kody, but the whole family as well.

Rachel asked what happens during a polygamist courting process when it isn’t a good fit. Meri said it is just like courting in the monogamous world, you part ways. Then she went a bit further.

Meri shared that Christine prides herself on a story of how she ran a couple of potential wives off. This is news to many Sister Wives fans, as it’s not well known that after marrying Christine, Kody courted other women before meeting Robyn.

And apparently, they left after experiencing the wrath of Christine. But Meri abruptly stopped short and didn’t offer any timeline or details on these long-forgotten potential wives.

#5 TLC Respectful – Genuine

Meri cited one of the several reasons they all decided to film the Sister Wives series. She said polygamous Warren Jeff and his case weighed on them at the time.

After this man was convicted of crimes, it added fuel to the nation’s fire against polygamy. So, plural marriage suddenly had an unfair reputation.

Then, Kody and his wives were approached to do a documentary about their family to demonstrate to the world polygamy got a bad rap. They wanted to show their side of a plural marriage. Then it grew into the series Sister Wives.

Sister Wives Spouses
Sister Wives | TLC

Meri Brown also talked about all the footage the TLC cameras captured. She stressed how the editing can make a story go either way. But she felt the camera crew and TLC were extremely respectful of their family.

She found they stayed genuine about what was happening, with nothing scripted. So, as far as Meri Brown is concerned, what you see on their TLC series is what went on in their real life.

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