BIG Sad Update!! 90 Day Fiance: Because Jasmine doesn’t want a baby, she is avoiding Gino! 2024

Jasmine and Gino, known for their appearance on “90 Day Fiancé,” have faced numerous challenges in their relationship, particularly regarding the topic of parenthood. Despite their disagreements over the years, they seemed to find common ground after joining the spinoff “Happily Ever After,” except on the issue of having children. Recently, Jasmine admitted that she avoided intimacy with Gino because she wanted to avoid becoming a parent.

As a mother of two boys already, Jasmine is keenly aware of the demands and responsibilities of motherhood. This awareness led her to be reluctant about having another child, as she had her own worries and uncertainties. However, despite her reservations, Jasmine decided to set aside her concerns and accept the idea of having a child with Gino.

Despite this initial acceptance, Jasmine seems to be reconsidering her decision. After Gino tried to entice her into conceiving by setting up a romantic bubble bath, Jasmine resisted. She explained her reluctance with various justifications, such as the possibility of rain if they stayed in their residence for another two hours.

Jasmine’s change of heart is a significant shift from her previous eagerness to become pregnant. In the past, she had encouraged Gino to have sex on a boat, indicating her willingness to fulfill his desires for parenthood. However, Jasmine now admits that she cannot think about having a baby right now, and she is afraid to tell Gino the truth, fearing it will harm their relationship.

Gino, unaware of Jasmine’s true feelings, continues to try to rekindle their intimacy. The audience is left wondering how Gino will respond when he discovers the truth about Jasmine’s avoidance and reluctance to have a child, highlighting the complexities of their relationship and the challenges they face as a couple.


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