Biniyam Back To King After Dumping To Ariela! Get Ready To Be Shocked

Hello viewers, welcome back to Vogue America. Biniyam and Ariela have been integral to ’90 Day Fiancé’ since their debut on ‘The Other Way.’ Their journey began with Ariela moving to Ethiopia to start a family after discovering they were expecting. Despite marrying and moving to New Jersey, their relationship faced continuous challenges with trust and personal space.

Recently, Biniyam resurfaced on social media after a prolonged absence, surprising fans with a series of shirtless photos, widely interpreted as a “thirst trap.” This return comes amid speculation about their split, fueled by both parties posting separate content.

Ariela’s social media has been notably quiet, leading to assumptions that their relationship may have ended. Biniyam’s post, featuring suggestive content, has sparked mixed reactions from fans, with some supporting his newfound single life and others urging him to focus on custody issues regarding their children.

Meanwhile, Ariela’s online presence has also been minimal, with posts primarily featuring her son and no recent images with Biniyam. It’s speculated that contractual obligations with TLC may limit their public disclosures.

In other ’90 Day Fiancé’ news, Michael celebrated the Fourth of July with his new American family after separating from Angela. His journey, fraught with visa challenges and personal strife, culminated in his relocation to the United States, where he now appears content and embraced by his new surroundings.

Angela, however, continues to stir controversy with posts critical of Michael on social media, including recent TikTok videos questioning his celebration of American holidays. Fans have rallied behind Michael, expressing support for his independence from his tumultuous past.

Additionally, Gino, from ’90 Day Fiancé,’ has hinted at joining the spin-off ‘The Single Life’ following his separation from Jasmine. Reports suggest filming has begun for the new season, highlighting their respective journeys post-separation and their attempts to navigate life apart.

As tensions escalate on ‘Happily Ever After,’ Jasmine and Gino are seen seeking counseling on ‘Last Resort,’ with speculations abound about their future. Season 2 promises to bring new dynamics, potentially paving the way for their appearances on ‘The Single Life,’ adding yet more drama to the franchise.

Stay tuned for more updates on these unfolding stories within the world of ’90 Day Fiancé.

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