Chantel Everett Dating “Rich” Celebrity After Divorce Filing!

Chantel and Pedro are one of the very few couples from 90 Day Fiance to have their own show, The Family Chantel. As a result, the show has captured their and their family’s journey for four seasons now. However, viewers are getting to see cracks in their relationship in the new
season. Moreover, the news about their divorce also came into the limelight and revealed that they had already been living separately. Now rumor mills are at an all-time high, revealing that Chantel has already found herself a new
The Family Chantel: Chantel Everett Dating "Rich" Celebrity After Divorce  Filing?
Chantel and Pedro overcame every obstacle and even fought their families to tie the knot.
Hence, The Family Chantel fans used to count them amongst the most genuine pairs and rooted for them. However, there has been trouble in paradise for a while now, and the latest updates state that Pedro and Chantel both have filed divorce papers. Moreover, they have been having problems since they moved into a new home, and Pedro got a new job, as evident in The Family Chantel Season 4. Well, new speculation suggests that Chantel Everett has moved on and has a new man in her life.
As per MediaTakeOut, Chantel Everett and the noted reality star Rich Dollaz are allegedly together. Apparently, both of them were seen spending time with each other twice in Atlanta.
Hence, rumors suggest that both of them fancy each other romantically and are dating. Yet,there is also a possibility that the nature of their meeting is strictly professional for work. That’s because both of them are reality TV stars.
Either way, there is no proper confirmation about any of these updates. Well, The Family Chantel viewers feel that either the main castmate or her new man will make their relationship public if things get serious.
Chantel and Pedro’s divorce has taken an ugly turn as the latter accuses the former of stealing from their joint bank account. The latter accuses her partner of domestic violence and adultery. Hence, both of them have stated different things as the cause of their divorce.
Moreover, their journey on The Family Chantel is not fruitful either. That’s because the couplehad a big blowout in the latest episode. In fact, things hit off the roof when the American woman accused her husband of “using her”.
Apparently, she stated that his behavior has changed since he got his “visa” and a “new job”.Hence, Chantel asked her husband if he was”ready to fly the coop” after getting all these things.
On the other hand, Pedro called his wife’s accusations a “low blow” and said she says the same thing “every time”. In fact, he felt that Chantel has been treating him like a “thing” and a “property” at all times. Therefore, the famous wife walked off-camera, asking her man not to “play” her. Well, viewers already saw their divorce coming. That’s because Chantel stopped wearing her wedding ring, as evident through her Instagram profile. Moreover, the couple stopped posting pictures with each other too. Shockingly, Chantel has also accused Pedro of physical abuse.

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