Christine Brown Celebrates David Woolley On Father’s Day

Christine Brown is proudly celebrating many “firsts” this year after marrying David Woolley in late 2023. This summer, the family is celebrating their first Father’s Day as a married couple.

The Sister Wives star shared a special Father’s Day shout-out to David on social media. Noticeably, she did not say anything about her children’s biological father.

Christine Brown and David Woolley from Sister Wives, TLC, sourced from YouTube

Overall, fans were delighted to see Christine and David celebrating the day together. Keep reading to see what she had to say.

Christine Brown Praises David For Being A Great Father

Sister Wives viewers already know that David Woolley is everything Kody Brown isn’t. And according to Christine, David is an absolutely amazing father.

David Woolley, Truely Brown, Ysabel Brown, and Christine Brown from Instagram

“Happy Father’s Day @david__woolley, I have loved watching you be a Dad,” Christine captioned her Instagram post. She attached several photos of David bonding with her children.

“It was what I found most attractive about you (besides your eyes of course) I love how you stop your life for your kids, to do what they need you to do. I admire how your children call you all the time, so you always stay present in their lives. I LOVE how you love your grandkids. Oh. My. Gosh. My heart melts completely when I see that relationship. You are an incredible example of a great Dad!”

Several of Christine’s Instagram followers loved the post. Many agreed that David was an excellent father figure to her children, as well as his own. Sadly, many pointed out that the same couldn’t be said about Kody Brown. There’s an obvious reason that Christine didn’t give her kids’ biological father a shout-out.

Christine’s followers wrote:

  • “He is the dad your kids needed. 😭”
  • “Happy Father’s Day to this amazing deserving man!! I hope it’s really healing for your kiddos to have him to show them what a dad can and should be.”
  • “This makes me smile for you and all of your guys kids! Happy Father’s Day David!”
  • “Wow what wonderful pics! I’m so happy for you all! And so happy you get to be in his kids’ lives too. They probably all just love you. Also who knew you had such pretty feet Christine lol happy Father’s Day to your wonderful hubby!”

The TLC Star Shuts Out Her Ex

Considering Christine Brown’s strained relationship with Kody, few felt surprised to see she didn’t acknowledge him on Father’s Day. Fans think she completely moved on. On top of that, it’s possible Christine erased him from her life.

What did you think about Christine Brown’s Father’s Day message for David? Did you feel surprised to see she snubbed Kody? Share your own opinions in the comments.

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