Christine Brown & David Woolley’s New Baby Coming Soon | Congratulations | Sister Wives | TLC

Nearly a year after her split from Kody Brown, Christine Brown’s transformation has been remarkable. Leaving behind a 26-year plural marriage and a fundamentalist Mormon faith, Christine is focusing entirely on herself, and the change is palpable. She has found love again with David Woolley, gushing that he loves her for who she is. Together, they enjoy adventures she missed out on during her conservative marriage to Kody.

Christine’s social media showcases exciting escapades, from riding ATVs in Utah to enjoying holidays at Disneyland with her family. She shared on Instagram, “I want to go have some adventures and make some memories,” capturing her newfound freedom and enthusiasm. Free from the constraints of her former religious and marital obligations, Christine has ventured into entrepreneurship, opening her own business called Fudge Machine and listing an Airbnb in Utah.

Another significant change in Christine’s life is her focus on health. She has made headlines with her impressive weight loss journey, proudly displaying her slimmed-down figure during a trip to Disneyland. Her commitment to fitness emphasizes how she’s putting herself first. In interviews, Christine radiates happiness when talking about David, saying, “I just love him to pieces. He’s really, really just the best guy I know by far.”

The fresh start with David has allowed Christine to explore new hobbies, travel extensively, and, more importantly, prioritize herself. Free from the logistical chaos of plural marriage, she finds joy in simple moments spent together. Christine’s post-divorce journey represents a quest for personal happiness that resonates with many. “My whole world has changed, and every single cell in my body is happier,” says the Sister Wives star, ushering in a new chapter where she is no longer playing second fiddle but starring in her life’s adventure.

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