Christine Brown Sends Powerful Message

Since Sister Wives began, many viewers suspected that the Brown family wasn’t quite as happy as they pretended to be. As time went on, their suspicions proved to be true. Christine Brown left the family, which started a chain of events that resulted in Meri and Janelle following suit.

As Christine Brown enjoys her newfound love with David Woolley, she’s also reflecting on the days when she was less than happy. In a new Instagram post, she shared a powerful message and it’s clear how far she’s truly come.


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Christine Brown Reflects On Her Sadder Days

Fans who have watched Sister Wives since the beginning know each of Kody Brown’s ex-wives has come a very long way. But more than anyone, Christine has completely transformed her life

Christine Brown and David Woolley from Instagram

“Over the last few years, many people have reached out to me, looking for the courage to make a change. ❤️😭” the TLC star shared online. “Let this be the day that you step out into the uncomfortable, unfamiliar or even the scary. Change is scary. But we can do scary things. 💪❤️”

Christine shared a series of photos throughout her life set to “Courage” by P!NK. The first few stills are from Sister Wives and show Christine at her lowest, The following photos are selfies after she left Kody. Her smile in those photos clearly show how much better her life is in the aftermath of divorce.

Of course, Sister Wives fans immediately showed support for Christine. Over the years, fans hated watching her suffer under Kody Brown’s thumb.

Her fans left comments including:

  • “Everything we want is outside of our comfort zone. Congratulations on making that move! ❤️”
  • “Your transformation in these pictures is beautiful. Wishing you the best life possible”
  • “What a transformation. The happy look of thriving, not just surviving is really something when you see it in photos. 💞”
  • “I could feel your sadness so many times over the years. I am incredibly proud of you. I know it wasn’t easy but you did it. Now, I just feel your joy. 💗”

Fans Can’t Wait To See Where The TLC Star Goes From Here

In the upcoming season, many fans suspect Christine’s dating life will be a big storyline. Everyone saw her televised wedding to David Woolley at the end of Season 18.

At the very least, fans hope they will get a chance to see Christine’s journey to happiness and self-discovery. She’s certainly been through a lot in her lifetime.

What do you think about Christine Brown’s powerful Instagram post? What storylines do you think we will see when the next season of Sister Wives comes out? Share your own ideas in the comments.

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