Christine Brown Takes A Dig At Kody Again With Her Infamous Nacho Moment!

Sister Wives star Christine Brown doesn’t leave a chance to grill her ex-husband, Kody Brown. She often uses her wittiness to take a direct shot at his narcissism and toxicity. Fans have seen Kody targeting his wives and making weird comments about them. He has been very fond of his personality and felt that his wives were crazy about his looks.


Sister Wives

Christine has not been shying away from roasting her ex-husband for his nasty comments. Fortunately, her new husband, David Woolley, also joins her in the banter. He gushes over his wife to make sure that she feels loved and valued. Fans love to see the couple having fun and mocking Kody Brown in different ways. Recently, the couple took to social media again to take a dig at the polygamist again.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Grills Ex-Husband Kody Brown With Another Nacho Moment!

Sisters Wives star Christine Brown faced a lot during her polygamous marriage with Kody Brown. TLC viewers have seen the latter disrespecting his wives and making nasty comments on them over the years. They are well aware of Kody’s judgemental thoughts about Christine eating nachos. He expressed his disgust over his third wife after witnessing her eating nachos.

Previously, Christine took a dig at her former husband by uploading some pictures of herself eating nachos with her husband. Recently, she posted a video with David to take direct aim at her haters. In it, she was sitting in a car with her husband while munching a bowl of nachos for breakfast. The TLC star indirectly reflected on the time when she was judged for eating nachos.

Christine said, “We’re at the gas station where I ate nachos infamously years ago.” She went ahead and compared it with her present life while eating them again at 6 a.m. with her partner. The reality TV star was enjoying her time early in the morning with David. Meanwhile, the latter admitted that he also liked eating nachos and her company.

Christine wrote, “He likes the way I eat my nachos” in the caption. Fans were impressed with Christine’s savageness. One fan said, “That had to happen years ago just so that you can have THIS MOMENT RIGHT HERE a beautiful ending.” Meanwhile, others suggested the reality TV celeb should make it an annual tradition. Moreover, a different fan added, “I love savage Christine who has zero fvcks to give!.”

Sister Wives: Christine Finally Reunites With Janelle After Months Without Each Other!

Sister Wives stars Christine and Janelle always had each other’s backs in their best and worst phases. Sadly, the latter went to North Carolina to spend some time with her daughter after Garrison’s passing. Christine and her bestie didn’t share many details on their latest meetups on social media. Hence, a lot of viewers started speculating about a rift between the former wives.

Recently, Christine posted some lovely updates of her latest reunion with her best friend and her daughter, Madison. She wrote, “We got to spend the day together and it was SO needed! Incredibly grateful for family.” Moreover, she looked happy after meeting Janelle for a long time.

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