Christine’s SHOCKING, SHADY Direct Messages to Kody EXPOSED | He’ll BLOCK Me for Revealing THIS!

Christine Brown, star of Sister Wives, is battling sadness as her beloved grandchildren, Avalon, Ace, and Archer, will no longer be nearby. Her daughter, Mykelti Brown Padron, and her husband, Tony, are relocating from Utah to North Carolina, as announced in a recent social media clip. This move will make two of the Brown family’s adult children raising families in North Carolina, fueling rumors that Janelle Brown may also move there.

Christine was thrilled to live close to Mykelti and her grandchildren, even landscaping her new home with a play area for them. Reports indicate that Christine is deeply saddened by this move. Mykelti and Tony’s ability to work from home facilitates the move, but it leaves Christine longing for the proximity she cherished.

Janelle Brown’s daughter, Maddie Brown Brush, already lives in North Carolina with her husband, Caleb, and their three children. Janelle has spent considerable time at Maddie’s home since the passing of her son, Garrison. This frequent visiting suggests Janelle may consider relocating as well, especially since she currently resides in a small rental in Flagstaff.

Meanwhile, Christine has built a new life in Utah with her husband, David Woolly. The couple married after Christine’s divorce from Kody Brown and have enjoyed traveling together. Christine often reflects on the journey that led her to David, expressing gratitude for their straightforward and fulfilling relationship. She praises David’s integrity and reliability, contrasting it with her previous marriage.

Christine is content with her new life, describing David as her soulmate and expressing how deeply he loves her, despite her complications. Their relationship has brought her joy and peace, making her feel like she has struck gold.

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