Congratulations! Janelle Brown Drops Breaking News | Sister Wives

Janelle Brown, star of “Sister Wives,” is sharing her Vegas vacation with fans, marking a new chapter in her life. Recently, Janelle has been grieving the loss of her son, Garrison Brown, who passed away just over three months ago. Despite this tragedy, she is finding ways to embrace joy, focusing on healing through family, friends, and travel.

Janelle is committed to living life to the fullest, prioritizing her health and children. According to sources, she plans to center her life around her kids, traveling to visit loved ones. Janelle has been spending time with family members like Manny, Gabriel, Savannah, Michelle Petty, and Logan, as well as other friends.

Currently, Janelle is enjoying a vacation in Las Vegas, a place where the Brown family lived for over seven years. She’s reconnecting with old friends, including Alice Golden, who manages the Brown family’s affairs. On Instagram, Janelle shared her happiness, showcasing the picturesque Vegas scenery.

In other news, Christine Brown, who separated from Kody Brown in November 2021, has found love again. Declaring her intent to remain monogamous, Christine got engaged to David Woolley in April 2023. She shared her joy on Instagram, displaying her unique engagement ring with intertwined bands of silver, gold, and black, expressing her excitement for a blissful future with David.

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