Congress New Baby 😯! Loren Drop Bombshell News To Alexei! Michael Amazed 😭

Lauren Brovarnik, star of “90 Day Fiancé,” hinted at the possibility of a fourth child with her husband Alexei in her recent Instagram stories. Despite already having three young children—Shai, Asher, and Ariel—the couple appears to be considering expanding their family. Lauren shared nostalgic photos from their time in Israel, where they first met and fell in love. One particularly humorous post showed Lauren holding a bottle of tequila, joking about who to blame if she gets pregnant again.

Though Lauren recently underwent a full-body “mommy makeover,” she hasn’t ruled out the idea of having more children. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she admitted to having “baby fever” and expressed openness to the idea, with Alexei on board as well. However, they both agree that four children would be their absolute limit.

In other “90 Day Fiancé” news, Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi’s relationship has taken another dramatic turn. After years of tumultuous interactions, Michael has left Angela, driving her to public outbursts on social media. Angela has been seen losing her temper frequently, especially after Michael was spotted partying with another woman and discarding his wedding ring. Despite her public rants and threats, it appears Michael has moved on, leaving Angela to cope with the aftermath.

Meanwhile, Emily and Kobe’s visit to Cameroon for a traditional wedding ceremony has caused cultural tensions. Emily’s parents were shocked by the Cameroonian custom of a “bride price,” where the bride’s family receives money and gifts. The situation escalated when Kobe’s family referred to Emily as “property,” leading to a heated exchange. Fans have criticized Emily’s mother, Lisa, for disrespecting Cameroonian traditions, arguing that she should show the same respect for Kobe’s culture as he does for American customs.

Stay tuned for more updates on your favorite “90 Day Fiancé” stars as they navigate their complex lives and relationships.

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