Daniele explains why Yohan refuses to divorce her, even though they are no longer together

Danielle Gates, star of “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way,” continues to struggle with emotional pain from her estranged husband, Johan Gono, despite their separation over a year ago. Viewers have accused Danielle of being controlling and criticized her for allegedly using her marriage to Johan as a means to move to the Dominican Republic and escape debt accumulated in New York.

However, reality TV relationships are often more complex than they appear. Recently, Johan posted an Instagram Reel stating he was not her ex but a luxury she would never have again, a comment that did not sit well with Danielle. Johan’s entitled behavior surfaced after Danielle refused to help him obtain a green card and move to the U.S. During season 5, Johan asked Danielle to buy him a house and a car in the Dominican Republic, which she declined.

This scenario is not uncommon, as older American women seeking love in the Dominican Republic often face such demands from younger local men. The term “sanki panky” describes individuals like Johan, who pursue relationships with foreigners for financial gain. Danielle, offended by Johan’s social media post, logged into his Instagram account to remove it and expose his cheating and other misconduct.

Danielle has expressed her readiness to move on, but Johan refuses to grant her a divorce, which she claims is a tactic to maintain power over her. She believes Johan, whom she labels a narcissist, enjoys keeping her in limbo, knowing she won’t start a new relationship until they are legally divorced.

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