David Toborowsky’s Jaw Dropping Job Change! 90 Day Fiancé Fans, You Won’t Believe This!

Many cast members from ’90 Day Fiancé’ have ventured into new careers beyond their reality TV stint. David Toborowsky, for instance, has transitioned into real estate in Arizona after working on projects like “Cooking with DNA” with his wife, Annie. Big Ed Brown also moved into real estate after his photography business. Brittany Banks focuses on digital content creation and affiliate marketing, while Julia Trubkina returned to dancing and might be considering a job offer at a club. Lisa Lima is exploring a shift towards real estate after her time in adult modeling. Scott has shifted from bodybuilding to pursuing the title of Mr. Health and Fitness. Clayton Clark has taken up stand-up comedy, performing at a comedy club, and Rob has started working at a car service and repair shop in Austin, Texas. It’s fascinating to see how they have diversified their career paths post-’90 Day Fiancé.’

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