Dayton Move To His Biological Dad. His departure was due to KODY?

Sister Wives star Dayton Brown is getting a lot of attention after new speculation surfaced that he moved in with his biological father. He’s the oldest child of Robyn and was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a form of autism disorder. According to some, the 23-year-old’s move may be possible due to his father’s condition. Keep reading to see what fans have to say about his rumored move.


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Sister Wives: What Is Dayton Brown Up To Today?

Just like the other children of Robyn, Dayton stays off social media. However, it was reported that he graduated from Northern Arizona University this year with a triple degree in Marketing, ISM, and Management, with a Certificate in Business Analytics. It’s unclear if he has found a job today.

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An insider previously claimed that he moved into an RV near his parents’ property in Flagstaff. Some Sister Wives fans also believe that Dayton’s graduation from college will open new opportunities for Kody and Robyn amid their financial struggles, which Mykelti previously revealed. However, things may end differently, as the autistic son may have moved in with his biological father.

Did Dayton Move To His Biological Dad?

Some fans on Reddit shared their thoughts on the possibility that Dayton moved to his biological father, David Jessop, who currently resides in Montana. The poster also added that the Sister Wives star changed his last name back. He was originally born as David Preston Jessop. But it was legally changed to David Dayton Preston since he was adopted by Kody. According to some Reddit users, his departure is most likely to happen as he never seems to have a good relationship with his stepdad.

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    • “Dayton never seemed to like Kody,” one person said.
    • “He probably sniffed out Kody’s narcissism immediately if he actually is autistic,” another commenter added.

  • “This is true. Autistic people and narcissists do not mix well because they can’t be schmoozed,” one fan chimed in.

Some Redditors also shared their own experiences of having an autistic sibling who doesn’t mix well with the likes of Kody. Meanwhile, some believe that Kody has never given his adopted kids the attention and love they deserve.

       I remember poor Dayton trying to help his dad back up a moving truck and because Robyn had instructed him to put it somewhere other than where Kody picked, Kody yelled at him. He’s never shown a fatherly love to him

Sister Wives: How’s Dayton Brown’s Biological Father?

According to reports, David is still fighting cancer. He was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia based on his fundraiser, which was launched by his sister in July. It was also revealed that he had lost a significant amount of weight and was suffering from constant pain. David’s sister also said that he’s at a high risk of having a stroke.

Photo Credit: @robyn_browns_nest Instagram

It was also reported that Robyn allegedly never shared her ex-husband’s cancer with their biological kids. Can’t keep a secret like that with the internet ariound, Dayton may have found out. It may also be the reason why there have been reports of Dayton moving to his dad in order to take care of him.

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