Death is Equipped! Janelle Brown Drops Bombshell | Kody Over | Heartbroken News | Sister Wives | TLC

Janelle Brown, known for her role in ‘Sister Wives,’ is under scrutiny after fans raised concerns about her using her son Garrison’s death to promote products from the multi-level marketing company Plexus, of which she is a part. This controversy arose when a Reddit user noticed suspicious promotions on Janelle’s page following Garrison’s passing.

Some fans believe that Plexus might have tried to capitalize on the family’s tragedy, as other ‘Sister Wives’ stars involved in MLM companies have been known to push products during significant life events. However, it’s unclear whether Janelle intentionally used Garrison’s death to promote Plexus, with opinions divided among Reddit users.

Janelle recently posted an Instagram story advertising Plexus, citing the company’s support during Garrison’s death as a reason why they are great to work with and buy from. While some users see this as a genuine expression of gratitude, others view it as potentially exploitative, citing instances where MLM companies capitalized on tragedies to promote their products.

Many Reddit users expressed disapproval, suggesting that regardless of intent, using family tragedy to promote MLM products is not acceptable. They noted the tendency of MLM companies to dominate one’s life and manipulate emotions for marketing purposes.

The controversy has sparked debate about the ethics of MLM practices, especially among reality TV stars like Janelle Brown. This situation has led to discussions about the line between personal expression and promotional activities, raising questions about the responsibilities of public figures in endorsing products, particularly in sensitive circumstances.

Overall, the incident has highlighted the complexities of MLM involvement and the challenges of navigating personal grief in the public eye. It serves as a reminder of the importance of ethical considerations in all forms of marketing and promotion, especially when personal tragedies are involved.


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