Death! It’s True! Janelle Brown Drops Bombshell | Arrest Kody| Heartbroken News | Sister Wives | TLC

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives has been facing a tough time after the passing of her son, Garrison Brown. His sudden death has left her shattered and in disbelief. Janelle was the first to share the heartbreaking news about Garrison’s death, and since then, she has been grieving deeply.

Recently, Janelle opened up about her struggles, revealing how difficult it has been for her to cope with the loss. She expressed her gratitude for the support she has received from friends and fans during this challenging time.

Janelle shared a series of photos from Garrison’s memorial on Instagram, along with a heartfelt caption expressing her emotions. She mentioned that while some photos had already been circulating online with insensitive comments, she chose to share them as they hold a special place in her heart.

The memorial was a touching tribute to Garrison, with family members and the National Guard honoring him. Soldiers performed a flag-folding ceremony for Garrison, who was a staff sergeant in the Army National Guard and a proud cavalry scout. Janelle was visibly emotional during the ceremony, and fans have been sending their prayers and support to her and her family.

Garrison’s death, due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound, has deeply affected fans of Sister Wives. Janelle has been forthcoming with the police about Garrison’s final messages, adding to the family’s grief.

As fans continue to come to terms with this loss, they are encouraged to tune in to Sister Wives for updates and to show their support for the Brown family during this difficult time.

Death! It's True! Janelle Brown Drops Bombshell | Arrest Kody| Heartbroken  News | Sister Wives | TLC - YouTube

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