Debbie and Ruben exposed for being a fake couple

Debbie and Ruben exposed for being a fake couple

The 90 Day Fiancé franchise, once a platform for couples to share their love journey, has transformed into a clout-chasing hub where regular people seek fame at any expense, resorting to fabricating relationships just to secure a spot on reality TV.

Debbie and Ruben have joined the list of fake couples, alongside Big Ed and Liz and Natalie and Josh. She was the one who suggested a fake relationship to Ruben, according to a conversation between the two that was leaked from the dating app they were using. Ruben agreed to the idea to gain more exposure for his business, which could bring him new leads, and he also hoped that the fame from the reality TV show would help him meet women.

A YouTuber who covers the show “90 Day Fiancé” named “MovingMAD!” was the person responsible for leaking a conversation between Debbie and Ruben. However, the identity of the source was not revealed by the Youtuber, presumably to protect them from any legal issues. Recently, Debbie has been criticizing Ruben for his questionable campaign that requested donations from their fans to help a friend. She even went so far as to call him “Ruben the scamming Cuban.” It is possible that Ruben himself leaked the conversation by sending screenshots to the YouTuber to get back at Debbie for her harsh words, while still staying within the bounds of his non-disclosure agreement with the reality TV network.

According to the leaked conversation, Debbie had an unpleasant experience using dating apps. She was searching for a man aged between 43 and 69 who lived in either Spain or Italy, but she was unsuccessful in finding someone who met those criteria. When she began texting Ruben, Debbie was in a hurry to find a man who would agree to be her fake partner on 90 Day: The Single Life season 4. If she didn’t find a potential partner, she would be removed from the cast of the new season, which was something she didn’t want.

It looked like Miss Debbie recruited Ruben to be her boyfriend, and the pair were never a real couple. She instructed him to contact her TLC producer and put on a charming and interesting persona to convince them to cast him alongside her on the reality TV show. She also highlighted the potential benefits for him of being on reality TV and promised him exposure, new business opportunities, and the chance to form new relationships.

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