Deceptive! Leon Revealed How Robyn Manipulated Kody To Make Distance From Meri | Sister Wives S19

Season 19 of “Sister Wives” presents recurring themes for Kody Brown and his former wives. The family’s sorrow, especially after Garrison Brown’s sudden death, profoundly affects them. Janelle Brown, Garrison’s mother, is transparent about her grief and advocates for mental health awareness, spending quality time with her kids. Christine Brown, now married to David Woolly, will have her first on-screen encounter with Kody. Their new life is filled with family events and travel, reflecting Christine’s determination to live joyfully. Meri Brown has relocated permanently to her bed and breakfast in Utah and briefly introduced a new love interest, Amos Andrews. However, their relationship ended, and Meri has found a new best friend in Jen Sullivan. Amidst these personal changes, fans are eager to see how Kody and Robyn manage their public image, speculating about their use of a PR firm. This season focuses on uniting individual families rather than the original polygamous one, highlighting significant changes and new beginnings for the Brown family.

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