Divorced Finally ! Kody’s Insult Made Robyn Leave Him | Drops Shocking News | Sister Wives Season 18

The departure of Christine Brown from Cody Brown in the “Sister Wives” family has sparked interest among fans. With three of his wives now gone, there is speculation about Cody’s beliefs regarding rewards in heaven. During a live interview, Cody made a negative comment about Robyn, raising questions about the state of their marriage. Rumors suggest that things aren’t going well between Cody and Robyn, with some even speculating that he lives in his RV.

Fans of the show seem to have mixed feelings about Cody and Robyn’s relationship. While some hope for their marriage to end, others believe they deserve each other due to their toxic behavior towards the other children in the family. Cody’s recent behavior, including insulting Robyn’s mother, has further fueled criticism from viewers.

In a live interview, Cody expressed his disbelief in plural marriage continuing into the afterlife, calling it a way to control people. His insulting remarks about Robyn’s mother sparked a discussion online, with fans expressing surprise and disapproval. Despite Cody’s hope that his comments could be edited out, they were made public, leading to more scrutiny of his behavior.

There have also been speculations about Robyn being pregnant again, but these rumors seem less believable now. With Solomon and Ariela attending school, it would be difficult to keep a baby hidden. Despite past mistaken beliefs about Robyn’s pregnancies, skepticism has grown about the possibility of her having another child.

Overall, Cody’s actions and comments have drawn criticism from fans, and his relationship with Robyn appears to be under strain. As the “Sister Wives” saga continues, viewers are eager to see how the story unfolds.


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