Divorced Finally ! Kody’s Insult Made Robyn Leave Him | Drops Shocking News | Sister Wives Season 19

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Fans of Sister Wives have been aware of the stories and murmurs surrounding Cody Brown’s potential fifth marriage for many years. Despite his first four marriages ending badly, the leader of the well-known polygamist family continues to be considered for marriage to a fifth wife.

Cody, a polygamist who has been married four times, has had 18 children with his four spouses: Robin, Mary, Janelle, and Christine. Currently, he is solely wed to Robin, with Christine, Janelle, and Mary having declared their separations from Cody in November 2021, December 2022, and January 2023, respectively.

Although there have been claims suggesting that Cody has found a fifth wife, nothing concrete has materialized. Reports of a potential fifth wife, including a woman named Leamarie in 2019, have not resulted in any official addition to the family.

Despite his past experiences, Cody has not given up on the idea of getting married again. In a summer 2023 interview, he disclosed that he may consider getting married again, stating that he feels like he’s rising to the top after hitting the bottom.

As for the future of “Sister Wives,” no announcement has been made regarding its renewal for 2024. Speculation arose when Christine and other cast members hinted at filming, but this was before the family experienced tragedy.

Garrison, the son of Janelle and Cody Brown, tragically passed away on March 5, 2024, casting uncertainty over the show’s future and the emotional state of the family. Despite the turmoil, Cody and Robin appear to still be together, as they were seen together at a recent family event.

In conclusion, while Cody Brown’s fifth wife would provide an ideal storyline for a new season of “Sister Wives,” the current circumstances make it unclear if this will happen. The dynamics within the Brown family continue to shift, leaving fans intrigued about what the future holds for Cody and his relationships.

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