Don’t be friends with Meri Robyn anymore | Kody is in police’ custody /Janelle & CHRIstine corrupted

Sister Wives” star Mary Brown recently provided an update on Cody and Janelle Brown’s condition following the tragic passing of their son, Garrison, to suicide. The Brown family has faced immense grief over the last few months. Mary, who has been open about her life post-separation from Cody, shared insights into how the family is coping.

Mary revealed that Cody and Janelle have good and bad days as they navigate through this challenging period. She spoke to both parents separately, emphasizing that grief is a complex and non-linear process. Mary herself has struggled with Garrison’s death, often reflecting on his life through old photos, which brings her sadness.

Mary also discussed her own experiences with grief, mentioning how her mother Bonnie had lost two sons. This personal history has given Mary a deep empathy for Janelle’s pain. Mary lost her brother Adam Barber in October 2023, and she shared a heartfelt tribute to him on social media.

Additionally, Mary opened up about her relationships with Janelle and Christine, noting that while they maintain cordial interactions, they are not close. She believes that it is important to surround herself with people who encourage her growth, acknowledging that some relationships are only meant for a season.

Mary’s transformation since leaving Cody has been significant. She uses her social media presence to motivate and inspire her followers. She shared a powerful analogy about a buffalo running through a storm, symbolizing her approach to facing challenges head-on.

Mary also addressed the dynamics within the Brown family. She acknowledged that during their polygamous life, she did not get along well with Janelle and Christine, which affected their relationships. However, Mary has found peace in focusing on her own happiness and personal growth.

In a recent podcast, Mary candidly discussed her life and the Brown family’s ongoing struggles. She emphasized the importance of allowing oneself to grieve and heal at their own pace. Despite the pain, the family continues to honor Garrison’s memory through heartfelt tributes.

Mary’s journey is a testament to resilience and self-discovery. She has emerged stronger, embracing her individuality and spreading positivity. As she moves forward, Mary remains committed to helping others find their happiness and navigate their own storms.

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