Drew Barrymore and Angela Deem Laugh about Destroying Michaels Car

Drew Barrymore and Angela Deem shared a laugh about their past destructive actions towards their exes’ cars during a recent episode. Angela recounted flying to Nigeria unannounced and damaging Michael’s car, recalling how Drew responded with her own story of a similar incident. Angela joked about the experience, highlighting how they both found it amusing. Drew faced criticism for inviting Angela, known for her controversial behavior, onto her show. Some viewers defended Drew, saying she was bound by contractual obligations, while others felt she should have had more control over her guest selection. The discussion sparked debate about accountability and the portrayal of abusive behavior on TV. Critics argued that such actions shouldn’t be normalized or rewarded, pointing out the negative impact on viewers who have experienced abuse. The backlash also extended to Ross Matthews, who was blamed for his role in bringing Angela on the show, further fueling the controversy surrounding the episode.

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