Family secrets are being sold: The Brown children have shared some terrible accusations about one of his wives outside of the TLC series. It might shock you.

Sister Wives: Kody’s Family Secrets On Sale Today?

Kody Brown created Sister Wives over a decade ago, but little did he know the can of worms this TLC series would open for the future. Sure, he sold his spouses on the idea. But, many of his adult kids use this fame today to rake in the bucks. Some might say he taught them well.

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Sister Wives: Kody Brown Offers More Drama

Kody Brown declared he was on a mission when he first graced the TV screen with Sister Wives. He wanted the world to see his polygamous family as normal as any monogamous family. Well, as normal as you can get while having three wives, with the fourth waiting in the wings.

Curiosity brought the viewers. And, for the first several seasons, fans seemed amazed at the love they witnessed on the screen. But then, with the curiosity waning, Kody and his family life seemed to grow stale with the fans. So, the show seemed to up the drama to bring the viewers back.

The Dark Family Secrets of 'Sister Wives' Kody Brown Unveiled After Garrison Brown's Tragic Death
Sister Wives | TLC

Many of the scenes from the earlier Sister Wives seasons were highly edited. A couple of Kody’s wives admitted that the series edited out some scenes fans might find condemning. So, they didn’t show the full extent of what happened with the cameras rolling.

But the fans didn’t find this out until after the series had aired for several seasons. Then it looked like the walls came down a bit, exposing fans to what they hadn’t seen before.

Build It and They Will Come – So Kody Did?

Slowly, the less-than-stellar behavior began to make it on the Sister Wives screen. The difference in what viewers witnessed in the first few seasons compared to what they watched in the last few seasons was vastly different. Especially, when it came to Kody’s behaviors on camera, things were different.

But, those now-seen zingers between the shared husband and his wives renewed the viewers’ attention. From there it escalated and during the last season that aired, the Brown family’s demise managed to wrangle the fans in front of their TV sets.

But all this drama unearthed many of Kody’s family secrets. During the evolution of the Sister Wives series, many of the kids became adults. But it seems along the way, several of Kody Brown’s adult children learned a few things. One of those things happened to be they were likely sitting on a gold mine of Sister Wives information.

Sister Wives Family Secrets No Longer Free – On Sale Today?

Many of Kody Brown’s family members offer prescriptions to websites for a price. Some of these things discussed could be considered family secrets.

Over the past few years, the headlines have been full of info shared by Kody’s kids with Sister Wives fans. One of the first jaw-dropping reveals, from an adult child, was about Meri Brown. They suggested Meri was a monster when they were young.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

Another adult Sister Wives offspring suggests Meri wasn’t safe to be around when they were younger. More recently, Robyn Brown became a headline. This happened when one of the adult kids’ spouses suggested even a PR firm couldn’t save Robyn.

These tidbits were pulled from the social media sites of the Sister Wives kids. But now memberships to some of these info-offering sites cost money. A few sites run by the Sister Wives kids have a membership fee, as does at least one owned by an ex-wife.

So, the entrepreneur bug spreads. It not only includes promoting and selling products by family members. But, it looks like it includes buying insights into the Brown family today.

So, Kody Brown didn’t have a crystal ball when he started his mission. But if he did, he would have seen how this played out today on the TLC series.

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