Fights😂! Kody Brown Drops Bombshell | Meri Brown’s Wedding | Heartbroken News | Sister Wives | TLC

The adult children of Cody Brown from “Sister Wives” are shedding light on past family fights, revealing that their upbringing wasn’t just challenging due to their father. While the TLC show is currently between seasons, the drama continues off-screen. Some of Kody Brown’s adult children have opened up about their experiences, suggesting that Mary Brown, one of Kody’s wives, wasn’t always a pleasant mother to be around. Old family wounds have resurfaced, with fans speculating about cryptic social media messages from the family.

Mary Brown, daughter of Cody and Janelle Brown, had a public feud a few years ago regarding an employee of the family’s online clothing business. Fans believed she was referring to Maddie Brown. Maddie later implied online that she had faced abuse from someone she worked with, leading fans to believe they were talking about each other.

Additionally, Robyn Brown, another of Kody’s wives, has reportedly been the only one to maintain a relationship with Mary since Janelle and Christine stopped talking to her after her split from Cody. There have been discussions about Mary’s relationship with her estranged child, Leon. Mary’s behavior has caused rifts within the family, with some members expressing dislike for her.

As the family dynamics continue to shift, viewers are left wondering who will appear in the next season of “Sister Wives” and how these revelations will impact the family’s future.

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