Finally Exposed Secret! Thanksgiving TLC! Proof Robyn & Kody Planned On Taking Meri’s Assets In 2024

In Seasons 7 and 8 of Sister Wives, Meri Brown faced the decision to divorce Kody Brown so that he could marry Robyn Brown and adopt her kids. Finally, she signed off on it, and everyone thought she had lost her mind. Part of the show revealed Meri, Kody, and Robyn Brown discussing assets. Did the only remaining wife plan back then to do the dirty on Meri’s assets?

Sister Wives meri Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives Robyn Brown Pretended To Be Meri’s Friend?

During their discussion about the divorce, Robyn claimed that she should stand by Meri and be her bestie. However, as the years rolled by, TLC fans agreed that Meri was sharing space in a viper’s nest. Without a doubt, TLC fans believe that the fourth wife manipulated Kody. Eventually, she got what fans always believed she wanted. Nowadays, in Season 18, she’s the last woman standing and Meri’s assets are in danger.

Sister Wives - Robyn Brown Supporting Meri - TLC
Sister Wives – Robyn Brown Supporting Meri – TLC

Recently, Meri discussed the parceling of the property at Coyote Pass in Flagstaff. In her confessional, she felt it was unfair for her to get fewer units in the subdivision than Robyn Brown. With Christine Brown gone, she claimed that she handed over her land to the family. However, Kody claimed she gave it to him. So, Robyn Brown now owns 52 percent of it. Meanwhile, Meri only has 15 percent. Naturally, Sister Wives fans believe the couple is trying to steal Meri’s assets for themselves.

Sister Wives – Divorce And Assets

In Season 18, fans saw that Meri claimed she deserved more because she still funds the family assets. That’s despite leaving Kody. Obviously, Sister Wives fans wonder why she would do that. Nevertheless, Meri seems to have been trapped in a web of lies about supportive friendship by Robyn Brown. Now, fans suspect that her intentions were already channeled about seven years ago.

On Reddit, an OP who watched an old season of the show shared about it. You might recall at one stage, fans slammed Robyn Brown for dying her hair so she looked more like Meri. Well in the scene while discussing the divorce, Meri and Kody talked about the division of assets. Instead of getting in a lawyer, Robyn the watchdog was there. Kody acted as if he was concerned by the proposal that if a wife left, they had to lose their assets. So, he proposed that his “will would cover” that. Hmmm!

Sister Wives – A Steal Planned Long Ago By Robyn Brown?

In the scene that played out, when Robyn wondered what the issue was with assets and a wife departing from the family, Meri explained that “[Kody’s] concerned that I won’t get anything.”

In reply, his favorite wife said, Well, That’s why I’m here,” before laughing and walking out.  Actually, when Meri wanted to talk more about the division of assets, Kody shut it down by saying they should “get moving.” 

Sister Wives - A Meri Steal Planned Long Ago By Robyn Brown - TLC
Sister Wives – A Meri Steal Planned Long Ago By Robyn Brown – TLC 

Taking up the conversation, TLC fans agreed that protecting Meri’s assets was never Kody or Robyn Brown’s intention.

  • And of course, Robyn deflects as soon as assets are brought up and stops the conversation by getting up. This family’s passivity to Robyn really destroyed their family dynamic. She just bulldozed right through them.
  • These two after been scheming this from day one. They’re really despicable.
  • Meri: “He’s concerned I won’t get anything” Robyn: “Well, that’s why I’m here!” Exactly.
  •  Kody completely brushes aside the bit in the divorce papers that states that Meri gets nothing. Excellent.

What are your thoughts about the divorce agreement and the division of property? Do you believe that Kody and Robyn Brown hoodwinked Meri for an assets steal right from the beginning? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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