FINALLY janelle And Christine conspire to hand over Kody & Robyn to the police w/ Meri true pregnant

The dynamic of the Sister Wives family shifted drastically with the arrival of Robyn Brown. Known for her manipulative tactics, Robyn is often blamed for the Browns’ eventual downfall. The family patriarch, Kody, visibly favored Robyn and her children over his other wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine, a bias that became especially apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic. This favoritism caused significant tension within the family, straining not only the relationships between the wives but also the children’s relationship with their father.

Viewers are convinced that Robyn managed to push the other wives away by manipulating Kody, frequently crying and portraying herself as a victim. She presented herself as more easygoing and obedient to Kody’s rules, which led to his favoritism towards her. Many believe this was the root cause of the family’s eventual split. However, this is just one aspect of Robyn Brown’s manipulative schemes.

Robyn has never been a fan favorite, with her unpopularity starting from her first appearance on the show. Fans are also annoyed by her frequent crying, often referring to her as “Sobbin’ Robyn.” She is seen trying to monopolize Kody’s attention, focusing him on her and their five children rather than his other wives. One of Robyn’s most notorious moments came in Season 6 during her “purity speech.” She expressed regret over her former husband, David Jessop, taking her purity, as she couldn’t save herself for Kody. This speech, delivered in front of her three children with Jessop, was unsettling for many viewers.

Since joining the Brown family, Robyn’s actions have often contradicted her claims of wanting to live like one of the Sister Wives. She frequently took away Kody’s attention from the other wives while pretending to be a team player. Her behavior ultimately pushed Kody into a monogamous relationship with her, without him even realizing it. Kody has often expressed disappointment over his past relationships, and during a “Sister Wives Talk Back” special, a viewer named Jeff praised Robyn and Kody’s relationship, suggesting they should own their connection. When Kody was about to lash out, Robyn covered his mouth, revealing her controlling nature.

The Brown family was never stable after Robyn and Kody’s relationship began. Fans suspect that Robyn’s manipulative and controlling behavior played a significant role in the family’s downfall. While Kody’s favoritism and outbursts were problematic, Robyn’s actions exacerbated the family’s issues, making her one of the most unlikable characters on the show.

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