Sister Wives fans have long speculated about Cody Brown potentially taking on a fifth wife. Despite the challenges and decline of his first four marriages, rumors persist. Some speculate that Cody might consider adding another wife to ensure the longevity of the long-running TLC show, to prove the success of plural marriages, or simply because he feels compelled to do so.

Cody has been married four times as a polygamist, with his wives being Robyn, Mary, Janelle, and Christine. Over the past few years, he has lost a wife each year, with Christine, Janelle, and Mary all leaving him. With only Robyn remaining, the future of Sister Wives and the Brown family dynamic hang in the balance.

Despite rumors, Cody has not yet found a fifth wife. Various reports have claimed that he has, but nothing has materialized. From Le Marie to Bonnie DWI, the rumors have not panned out. Cody even reportedly proposed to a much younger woman but was turned down.

In a 2023 interview, Cody expressed openness to marrying again, despite his ex-wives feeling differently. Janelle, in a one-on-one special, bet against Cody marrying again, showing the skepticism within the family.

The potential for a fifth wife for Cody could have been a compelling narrative for the show’s renewal in 2024. However, the tragic death of Janelle and Cody’s son, Garrison, has cast a shadow over the family, raising questions about the future of the show and Cody’s personal life.

Meanwhile, Mary Brown has undergone a significant transformation since leaving Cody, showcasing her weight loss journey and newfound confidence. She has been focusing on her well-being and career, inspiring others with her journey.

Despite the changes and challenges within the Brown family, Cody’s potential for a fifth wife remains uncertain. The dynamics within the family continue to evolve, leaving fans and viewers intrigued about what the future holds for Cody and the Sister Wives.

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