FINALLY Meri & Janelle Flash Huge Bomb, Kody Throws Rage on Robyn&Blame Robyn for Ruining the Family

After returning from the gym, I found myself pondering the state of workout shirts. My trusty, long-lasting favorites from Old Navy, which I bought during my time in Vegas, seem to have disappeared from stores. Nowadays, everything is a crop top, which baffles me. Who wants their midriff exposed while working out? I prefer long, lightweight shirts that offer coverage and comfort.

On another note, Janelle’s recent Instagram story endorsing Plexus caught my attention. While I’m glad Plexus supported her during a tough time, I’m surprised she used it for promotion. Given her senior position, this move isn’t unexpected, but it raises concerns about exploiting personal tragedies for sales.

Switching gears, some viewers are considering stopping watching “Sister Wives.” Despite being a dedicated viewer since the premiere, the negative impact on the children and the unappealing focus on Cody and Robin’s relationship have made the show lose its charm.

Additionally, concerns were raised about the Browns’ parenting, especially Cody’s negligence and lack of empathy towards his children’s needs, as highlighted by several incidents, including Cody’s handling of Solomon’s dental surgery and pressuring Janelle during the height of the pandemic.

In conclusion, while the Browns’ financial stability empowered the wives to reassess their situation and address underlying issues, Cody’s behavior and favoritism towards Robin exacerbated family tensions. Money played a pivotal role in enabling the wives to recognize and address these issues, leading to a shift in family dynamics and relationships.

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