FINALLY Meri PUTS MONEY in Kody’s Mouth+Kody SHUNS Robyn &Super UPSET,She LAWYERED UP for FAIR Share

The latest episode of Sister Wives has stirred up intense emotions among viewers, particularly regarding the behavior of Cody Brown and Robin Brown. The episode showed Robin in tears, with many questioning the authenticity of her emotions. Some viewers believe that her frequent crying is a manipulative tactic to shift focus away from the real issues within the family.

Cody and Robin’s relationship has also come under scrutiny, with many expressing concern over Robin’s emotional fragility and its impact on Cody. Some speculate that Cody’s fear of Robin spiraling out of control has led to a constant state of near panic in their relationship.

Furthermore, there are criticisms about Cody’s treatment of his wives, especially regarding intimacy. It is suggested that Cody selected wives for intimacy based solely on his needs, leading to neglect and dissatisfaction among the wives.

The episode also touched on Mary Brown’s emotional journey, particularly her vulnerability and concern for her children. There are suggestions that Mary was manipulated into suggesting the divorce and accepting Robin into the family.

Overall, viewers are growing weary of Cody and Robin’s behavior, with many expressing frustration over their continuous complaints and manipulative tactics. The episode has sparked discussions about emotional manipulation, gaslighting, and the complexities of relationships within polygamous families.

In conclusion, the latest episode of Sister Wives has sparked intense reactions from viewers, prompting discussions about the emotional dynamics within the Brown family. The episode has shed light on the challenges and complexities of polygamous relationships, leaving viewers eager to see how the story unfolds.

FINALLY Meri PUTS MONEY in Kody's Mouth+Kody SHUNS Robyn &Super UPSET,She  LAWYERED UP for FAIR Share

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