Following the Browns’ victory over the Bengals, Kareem Hunt said of trade rumors, “I’m down for everything”

Prior to addressing the media following Monday night’s 32-13 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, Kareem Hunt needed to finish one final task.

Running back for the Browns reached inside the locker next to his. He put on the Joker mask that was lying there.

A reporter questioned Hunt about whether the mask served as a counterpoint to Nick Chubb, the Browns’ Batman, who plays in the backfield.

Hunt responded, “No, it has nothing to do with Nick. “Man, I’m the Joker. I believe that describes the kind of guy I am.”

Nobody knows for sure if Hunt will play alongside Chubb by late Tuesday. The Robin to Chubb’s Batman was supposed to be dealt by the NFL’s 4 p.m. in the days leading up to the game on Monday. deadline of Tuesday

Hunt reaffirmed on Monday his two days ago approach regarding the possibility of being dealt. In essence, it’s a “it is what it is” mentality.

Hunt added, “I mean, I’m down for everything.” “It’s a business, and I play football. I’m prepared to go along with whatever they decide. It doesn’t matter if you move here or somewhere else; anything will do. I adore watching football.”

When asked if he planned to ask the Browns for a trade, Hunt cited the fact that he had previously done so during training camp. The team turned down his request at that point, and he held out for two days by declining to take part in team exercises.

Hunt isn’t making any assumptions about whether the Browns’ stance on trading the sixth-year pro has changed nearly three months later.

I don’t know, he said. “I don’t discuss that with them. I just come in and work, as I stated. I suppose that if something happens, it happens. They are aware that I will always turn up and do the work.”

The most recent instance of the Browns wanting more was Monday night. It only intensified the drama that it happened in the midst of all the rumors and with the team buried in a four-game losing streak.

Hunt resumed receiving the more typical number of touches he had been receiving over the first five games after combining for just nine carries and one grab in the previous two contests. He added four catches for an additional 30 yards and had 11 carries for 42 yards.

I mean, I have opportunities to make plays, and when I do, I’m going to try to make the most of it, said Hunt.

The fact that the Browns appeared to make a concentrated attempt to get Hunt on the field concurrently with Chubb, who carried for 101 yards and two scores on 23 carries, was more noteworthy. The two backs were on the field together six times in the first three drives alone, which was the most in any game since the season opener at Carolina.

They shared the field for just eight plays that day in Charlotte. But it was also perhaps their most successful game as a team.

In comparison to the Panthers, Monday night’s yardage totals weren’t quite as high. Nevertheless, the two were quite successful at keeping the Bengals defense off-balance by working off one another.

Kevin Stefanski, the coach, remarked, “I will tell you, Kareem had an unbelievable run today. He jumped out of it while completely lifeless, which was a great first down. He fights hysterically. He is a valuable member of this group. These guys are fighting hysterically over whatever is in front of them.

The Browns entered the bye week with renewed optimism for the remainder of the season while also ending their losing skid. At 3-5, they are still below.500, but with their second AFC North victory this year in prime time, they at least have a road to follow.

Upon learning of the Browns victory, Eli and Peyton Manning express their disbelief.

Hunt’s participation in that journey will shortly be determined. He will not worry about the uncertainties of the upcoming few hours.

Hunt declared, “I’m simply going to unwind, enjoy myself, perhaps go to one of my favorite restaurants or anything tomorrow. “I’m not sure. I am clueless.”

That’s also no joke.

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