GAME START! The Brown Family Is Shocked That Pue’s Death Is Being Used To Promote Janelle Brown!!

In a recent episode of the “Sister Wives Today” channel, concerns arose about Janelle Brown possibly using her son’s death to promote products from the multi-level marketing (MLM) company Plexus, with which she is associated. Fans noticed something unusual on Janelle’s website, leading to speculation that Plexus might be trying to profit from the family’s tragedy. While some believe Janelle would not exploit her son’s passing, others point to a recent Instagram story where she promoted Plexus, mentioning how the company supported her during her son’s death.

This incident has sparked discussions about the practices of MLM companies, with examples shared of how they often use personal tragedies to promote their products. Many Reddit users criticized Plexus and MLMs in general for their actions, stating that using a family tragedy to promote MLM is inappropriate and unethical.

In other news related to “Sister Wives,” Mary Brown, another star of the show, is rumored to be preparing a memoir detailing her marriage to Cody Brown and her relationships with the other Sister Wives. Fans speculate that Mary’s upcoming announcement, teased on Instagram, may also include a podcast or other project related to her experiences.

Mary has faced challenges in the past, being perceived as cold and abandoned by Cody for several seasons. However, she is now returning in a unique manner with her project “Worthy Up,” a community focused on transformation and self-discovery. Mary’s new business aims to create a safe space for individuals to grow, connect, and inspire each other.

As fans await Mary’s official announcement, there is anticipation and excitement about what she will reveal and how her projects will impact the Sister Wives community.

GAME START! The Brown Family Is Shocked That Pue's Death Is Being Used To  Promote Janelle Brown!!

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