Get Ready To Be Shocked As Kim Drops Bombshell News To Usman On Stay Living!

Kim Menzies reveals a new career move that caught Usman Umar’s attention. After ending her problematic relationship with Usman, ’90 Day Fiancé’ star Kim focused on herself and has been working hard ever since. Recently, she made a surprising announcement about her career, revealing a huge opportunity that has delighted her fans.

Kim, known for her strong work ethic, has never relied solely on her fame from ’90 Day Fiancé.’ She previously worked as a spa coordinator but recently switched jobs again. On Instagram, she shared that she is now the new hotel and retail supervisor at Spa Ritual Resort. Kim expressed her happiness and gratitude for this opportunity, thanking everyone who supported her.

Fans, including her son Jamal, congratulated her, and even Usman added his well-wishes. Kim’s response to Usman showed there are no hard feelings between them. Kim’s varied career includes military service, restaurant work, and roles in the hospitality industry. She was a service manager at Mimi’s Cafe until October 2022 before joining Konakai Resort and Spa.

Kim’s financial stability has improved, allowing her to buy a new house. She has also become an influencer and runs a Cameo account, boosting her net worth to between $800,000 and $900,000. Kim’s journey shows her resilience and versatility, making her a beloved figure among fans.

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