Gino debunks all rumors and reveals the real reasons behind his split from Jasmine

It’s no longer a secret that Gino Palit Solo and Jasmine Pan went their separate ways in 2024. If you have any doubts, ignore any false information you see from Jasmine and her public relations agent Kimberly on social media. Instead, tune in to one of Jasmine’s live stream sessions on TikTok, where you will see evidence that she no longer lives in Gino’s house. Currently, she is spending time with her new boyfriend, Matt. They are frequently spotted going on walks, grocery shopping, enjoying dates, and more.

If no PR team had been involved, Gino and Jasmine would likely have revealed the details of their breakup and exposed each other’s secrets by now. However, with a non-disclosure agreement in place and their PR teams closely monitoring their social media activities, they are left with little choice but to lie and indirectly throw shade at each other. This strategy adds to the confusion among the show’s fans, at least until the tell-all episodes of the current season of “Happily Ever After.”

Gino Palit Solo’s recent Twitter post has fueled the rumors about his potential split from his Panamanian wife, Jasmine. In the post, Gino indirectly criticized Jasmine without naming her, implying that she is an abusive partner, making it unsafe to share a home with her. He described her as overly defensive, unreceptive to feedback, and stubborn, always needing to be right regardless of the situation. According to Gino, Jasmine repeatedly engages in toxic behaviors even after apologizing and admitting she was wrong.

Fans have spotted Jasmine with her new man, Matt, in public multiple times, but they have yet to capture a clear close-up picture of them together. The only photo fans have of the new couple is one taken at a gym in Michigan, but it’s blurry and was taken from a distance. The person who took the picture a week ago confirmed that they saw Jasmine and Matt together at the gym. When a Reddit user asked in the comments section of the post, “Were they actually together, or is this just a man next to her on a treadmill?” the original poster replied, “Together,” confirming that the man near her was not a random guy but her partner, as they were interacting with each other as a couple.

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