Gino’s HOME MOVIES, Sophie’s ULTIMATUM, Thais Gets MAD & More!

Gino’s behavior is raising eyebrows. That creepy smile while filming Jasmine at her beauty pageant rehearsal? Disturbing. It’s clear Gino is enjoying this too much, but Jasmine isn’t. This week’s episode of “90 Day Fiancé” felt exceptionally fake, especially Gino and Jasmine’s storyline. Their constant arguments seem staged to keep viewers interested, and it’s not convincing anymore.

Despite the scripted nature of their fights, Gino’s decision to film the women during their rehearsal was inappropriate. Jasmine’s reaction was predictable – anger, tears, and accusations of Gino’s perverted intentions. Their relationship is too strained for him to be a pageant manager.

Meanwhile, Emily and Kobe’s Cameroonian wedding celebration was marred by unnecessary drama over whether Kobe’s friends would attend. Of course, they did. The show’s attempt to build suspense was unconvincing. Valerie’s arrival and speech were anticlimactic, as expected.

Rob and Sophie’s storyline continues to be a repetitive nightmare. Their constant arguments, breakups, and makeups are tiresome. Sophie’s resentment over granola bars and Rob’s perpetual sadness create a toxic cycle. Even their friend CLA’s intervention couldn’t break the monotony.

Finally, the highlight was Patrick, Thaís, and John’s drama. John’s confrontation with Thaís’ friend Natalie, who called him a [expletive], led to a drink being thrown in his face. Thaís’ attempt to blame John was unjustified. Natalie’s overprotectiveness, stemming from her past, didn’t excuse her behavior. Thaís needs to recognize her role in this mess.

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