Good News: Sister Wives Season 19 will feature Aurora Brown’s wedding!

Robyn Brown, Aurora Brown, and Breanna Brown from Robyn's Instagram

Will there be another Sister Wives wedding soon? Some fans think Aurora Brown is going to be the next child to tie the knot.

Many fans are concerned about the TLC star, especially considering her age and background. While she is young and in her early 20s, her step-sister Gwendlyn Brown is the same age and also married.

However, many Sister Wives fans think these rumors are unsubstantiated. Since Robyn and her kids keep such a low profile on social media, it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on.

Keep reading to get the scoop.

Some Sister Wives Viewers Think Aurora Brown Will Marry Soon

As the Brown children grow up, many have serious partners and some even married. Logan, Aspyn, Leon, Maddie, Mykelti, and Gwen are all married. Is Aurora next?

Aurora Brown from Robyn's Instagram
Robyn Brown/Instagram

“Since Aurora is rumored to be shopping for a wedding dress in Vegas some including myself think a wedding is coming!” one Redditor shared on the platform recently. “Now I hope fans don’t rip this poor girl to shreds and here is why! I believe Aurora is a victim of her environment and if she can get married and get OUT of the Brown asylum that in itself would be a miracle!”

The OP went on to discuss how Robyn’s ex and Aurora’s biological father is terminally ill. They think that could be part of the reason Aurora wants to get married soon.

While Sister Wives weddings are always an exciting event, not every Reddit user thought there was much merit to the OP’s claims.

If The Wedding Is Happening, Redditors Aren’t Excited

It’s not at all uncommon for people in the AUB to marry at such a young age. However, other Reddit users questioned the OP’s narrative. Very few people have heard rumors about Aurora’s wedding. And if she is marrying soon, other Redditors strongly believed she would stay in the AUB.

They left comments including:

  • “I searched the sub for any other post about this wedding dress spotting and there’s only one post, made by the same op as this one.”
  • “She may be getting married but she is not getting out. She’s a lifer. And no thank you- I will not cheer or be excited.”
  • “Yeah no thanks i have no desire to watch a young girl be married off within this religious cult.”
  • “That poor girl has absolutely been abusively manipulated from the get go by her mother. I do hope she gets out and gets therapy to undo some of it.”

Do you think Sister Wives Season 19 will feature Aurora Brown’s wedding? Or is this just a rumor other viewers are spreading? Leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comments.

Check back soon for more news and updates on the Brown family. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming 19th season.

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