Has Pedro Jimeno Redeemed Himself Two Years After Chantel Everett Split

Pedro Jimeno from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise has come a long way since breaking up with Chantel Everett in 2022. The Dominican Republic native spent nearly six years with his American wife. He tried to make the relationship work, but personality differences and family feuds eventually made him fall out of love. In The Family Chantel season 4, Pedro started focusing on himself and his career as a real estate agent. He stopped putting effort into his marriage, which pushed Chantel to think he was cheating on her. However, she wasn’t able to find proof of that.

The Family Chantel season 5 showed Pedro asking Chantel for a divorce. He opened up about his lack of feelings for her and hoped that she’d understand. Unfortunately, Chantel felt Pedro betrayed her by asking for a divorce. She transferred all the money from their joint bank account, leaving him no choice but to seek legal help. Chantel’s family also accused Pedro of being a scammer, turning many viewers against him. In 2023, Pedro and Chantel settled their divorce. They both moved on with their lives and stopped mentioning each other on social media.

What Is Pedro Up To In 2024?

90 Day Fiance Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno driving in car together

Pedro has achieved various milestones since leaving Chantel. When he first asked his wife for a divorce, he was still new to his career as a real estate agent. Pedro also faced a lot of criticism from fans, who review-bombed his professional page by giving it a low rating. Fortunately, the hate slowed down with time. Chantel’s embarrassing journey in 90 Day: The Single Life also turned many fans against her, leading them to pick Pedro’s side. In 2024, Pedro is living his best life. He has become a successful real estate agent with many achievements.

Pedro’s incredible fitness is one of his biggest achievements. He gained a lot of weight when he moved to the U.S. to marry Chantel. Family issues and American food impacted his health. Fortunately, Pedro opted for Muay Thai training just in time. He trained hard and rapidly progressed in his fitness journey after his divorce. The 90 Day Fiancé alum also earned professional success and was one of the top producers in 2023. Pedro has secured many high-value listings in 2024. He has also bought his dream car, an expensive new Chevrolet truck.

Pedro’s Revenge Glow-Up Gets A Lot Of Attention


Pedro has been glowing a lot lately. He has achieved an excellent physique and looks happier than before. In March, Pedro posted a mirror selfie showing his post-divorce glow-up. He wore a white top, a matching Apple Watch, and grey pants.

Pedro titled his post, “patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”

He got nearly 9k likes, and many of his supporters congratulated him. An Instagram user told Pedro, “your success is shining through,” adding that he looked amazing. Another user commented, “looking healthy my brotha.”

Pedro Has Turned Some Haters Into Fans

Pedro wearing Hawaiian shirt and Lidia Jimeno at dinner on The Family Chantel

Pedro gets a lot of love from people who think his success in the United States is inspirational. In January, Pedro posted a photo promoting a Georgia-based mortgage group. The picture showed him smiling and wearing a cap with the letters “PDF” on it. Since leaving Chantel, Pedro has gotten better at his job, which shows in his latest posts. The Family Chantel alum has also gotten many new gigs, working with some of Georgia’s best real estate professionals.

Pedro has done way more in America in the last two years than in the six years he was with Chantel.

Fans love to praise Pedro’s growth in the United States. His recent post got over 6k likes with dozens of supportive comments. An Instagram user wrote, “I don’t care what haters say You a great guy,” encouraging the reality star to keep being himself. Another user commented, “PDF Means Pedro Divorce Final,” highlighting an alternate meaning behind Pedro’s cap. Someone even wrote, “Pedro I am glad you are a free man.” The fan told the former 90 Day Fiancé star to keep thriving and working to succeed in his career.


While Pedro has his supporters, he also has his critics. In May 2024, he posted a video of himself answering real estate-related questions. He titled it, “when my client calls me that he is ready to buy one.” As expected, Pedro’s haters didn’t like the clip. They called him an opportunist for using Chantel. A social media user wrote, “I imagine you using your clients like you used Chantel.”Another user commented, “the world is full of scammers and demons,” wondering how Pedro had nearly 500K followers on Instagram.

Pedro Has More Critics Than Loyal Supporters

Even though the 90 Day Fiancé alum has come a long way since divorcing Chantel in 2023, he still has more haters than loyal followers. Many people still believe he used Chantel, so they want to see him fail and return to the Dominican Republic. One of Pedro’s recent posts showed him getting dozens of hateful comments. Some told him he scammed Chantel into coming to the United States, while others tried to scare off his potential clients by making accusations. Someone commented, “who on earth would trust this guy to make a real estate transaction? Definitely not me.”

Fans have the right to have an opinion. They have seen Pedro evolve over the years and how he broke up with Chantel. People wouldn’t have been so angry at Pedro if he had shown more effort to save his marriage.

They would’ve appreciated him trying a bit before giving up. However, Pedro did the opposite. He mistreated Chantel and stopped caring for her feelings. He also pulled out of the marriage without any warnings. It’s understandable why many 90 Day Fiancé viewers continue despising him and haven’t forgiven him.

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