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The increasing hate towards Kody Brown from “Sister Wives” could signal trouble for the show’s future. Over the seasons, Kody’s polygamist family has become more fractured, with Kody facing intense criticism for his treatment of his ex-wives and older children. Although Kody never admitted to having favorites, it became clear to his family and viewers that he preferred his new wife, Robyn, and her kids.

Kody’s narcissism and toxicity have damaged his reputation among viewers. In season 18, several of his older children, including Gwen, Savannah, Gabe, and Garrison, expressed feelings of abandonment. None of his children from his first three wives, Christine, Meri, and Janelle, wished him on Father’s Day, raising questions about the show’s future.

Kody has failed to fulfill his duties as a father, often missing important events like birthdays and not acknowledging his mistakes. Since the departure of Meri, Janelle, and Christine, the family dynamics have changed dramatically, and none of the children wished him on Father’s Day this year. Kody’s nephew Benjamin hinted that the new season might air by August, but fans are concerned about how the family will manage the filming schedule.

Previous seasons showed the spiritual wives filming from different locations, which fans found less entertaining. Michael T hinted that viewers might see Kody exploring a monogamous life with Robyn. However, fans are uninterested in Christine’s new relationship with David, as they already know the couple has tied the knot. The friction between Kody and his children has led to speculation that the show’s storylines might be running out, potentially resulting in its cancellation.

Reddit discussions revealed that many fans support the older children’s decision not to wish Kody on Father’s Day, citing his past treatment of them. Some fans noted that any posts from the kids would attract negative comments, adding to their stress. Others speculated that Robyn might have big plans for Kody, but the future of “Sister Wives” remains uncertain.

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