Heartbreaking 😭 News! 90D Fiancé Liz Woods Is Terrified As She Confronts Big Ed For Cancel Wedding

“90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?” star Liz Woods has revealed her desire to reconcile with Big Ed Brown after he canceled their wedding. Big Ed previously dated Rose Vega from the Philippines before moving on to single mom Liz. Despite the tumultuous nature of their nearly four-year relationship, marked by 14 breakups, Liz still sees something in Big Ed. Big Ed called off their wedding just days before the ceremony without informing Liz, which led to their first face-to-face confrontation.

In a preview clip from the upcoming season, Liz meets Big Ed at a coffee shop to confront him. Through tears, Liz admits to the cameras that she wants to make things work with Big Ed, despite their troubled past. She emphasizes her commitment to sticking through hard times in a relationship. Both Liz and Big Ed have been previously married, and Ed explains that he canceled the wedding to avoid an inevitable divorce. Liz, however, is upset that he didn’t discuss his concerns with her beforehand.

Liz discovered the cancellation through their officiator, feeling hurt and toyed with by Ed’s actions. Despite the heartbreak, Liz’s social media updates suggest she is now happier in a new relationship with a man named Jason. It appears Liz has realized she deserves better and hopes to break the cycle of her past relationship with Big Ed for good.

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