Heartbreaking update! 90 Day Fiancé’s Jasmine shocks fans with devastating news! You are shocked!

Ninety Day Fiancé cast member Jasmine Pineda is recovering from her new surgery in Colombia without her fiancé and sugar daddy Gino Palazzolo. On her Instagram @jasminepanama1 she wrote a post about how dangerous was her surgery and how much she was scared before the operation, while asking her fans to keep praying for her so that all goes well without complications.

The “crazy Panamanian girlfriend” shared a graphic video of her new surgery with her loyal followers on Instagram as she makes a recovery. We first saw her in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5, which documented the struggles in Jasmine’s relationship with her older American boyfriend Gino Palazzolo. Jasmine was so insecure and always wanted “evidence and reports” of what Gino was doing everyday during their long-distance romance. Nevertheless, Gino still managed to talk to his ex wife behind Jasmine’s back. To make things worse, Gino also sent Jasmine’s topless pictures to his ex to make her jealous. Jasmine was livid with Gino for breaking her trust, which almost made them break up.

They work it out eventually and the love birds got engaged later in the season. After the show finished, Jasmine confirmed that she’d been pre-approved for the K-1 visa. She revealed her plans of making Gino move out of Michigan to Florida as its weather is similar to Panama. However, the main reason of why she’s enforcing this move is because Gino’s house is fully decorated by his Brazilian ex wife and he changed nothing after the divorce, which bothered Jasmine a lot because she wants a fresh new start with her American fiancé.
A few days back, Jasmine shared pictures from an airport making many fans think she was finally heading to The United States. However, Jasmine ended up in Colombia instead. She celebrated her birthday there with her younger sister Liz, but she was also there for some important health reasons. Jasmine mainly went there to have her Cornea eye surgery. Corneal transplantation, also known as corneal grafting, is a surgical procedure where a damaged or diseased cornea is replaced by a donated corneal tissue. When the entire cornea is replaced, it is known as penetrating keratoplasty and when only part of the cornea is replaced it is known as lamellar keratoplasty.


In her Instagram story, she wrote that the recovery is painful and that she’s been taking several painkillers and antibiotics. Jasmine also has to take three different kinds of eye drops. Her sister Liz explained that recovery is the most important part of Jasmine’s case. The cornea needs to completely be healed because in case it, doesn’t it can have dangerous consequences and her sis could lose her sight forever. Jasmine is recovering well and that her nearsightedness may have finally been fixed. In another Instagram story, Jasmine wore dark glasses as she sat down for lunch, and in a different one, she was smiling with her eyes shut while video chatting with her love Gino. Liz is currently managing Jasmine’s Instagram page to share updates with the fans until her sister fully recovers.

Jasmine, who has two kids from her ex, takes good care of them behind the scenes, for personal reasons she doesn’t want to show her kids to the public same do Stacey Silva. The fitness enthusiast knew that she could count on her little sister to take care of her during the recovery phase of her surgery and so does Gino who is thousands of miles away. Expect to see Jasmine and Gino in a future season of the show, maybe 90 day fiancé season ten, when she will finally get her k1 visa and fly to the United States to get married and settle down with his American sugar daddy.

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