Heartbreaking Update! Janelle Brown Shares Major Life Update After Son’s Tragic Passing!

The news of Janelle Brown’s son Garrison’s death deeply saddened Sister Wives fans, sending shockwaves through the community. While everyone mourned, Janelle bore the brunt of the pain. The TLC star struggled to accept the harsh reality but has since been privately processing her grief and appears to be moving forward. Currently, Janelle is focusing on a self-healing journey and keeping her children close.

As a mother of six, Janelle has grown through a lot. Since separating from Kody in 2022, she has shifted her priorities and appears to be adjusting well. However, behind her upbeat Instagram posts, there lies a deeper reality – Janelle continues to mourn the loss of her son. Recently, she shared a major life update. So, how is Janelle doing now? Learn all about it.


Sister Wives' Janelle Brown Shares Update After Garrison's Death | In Touch  Weekly

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Makes New Memories With Her Family!

Janelle is on a self-healing journey, spending quality time with her children and focusing on creating fresh and happy memories. She ensures she divides her time equally among her kids. In June, the Sister Wives star enjoyed a trip to Disneyland with Gabe and Savanah. This summer, she’s been gardening with Maddie. Recently, she also went to Las Vegas to a Plexus convention and had her son Logan as her handsome date.

On her mission to make more memories, Janelle celebrated the Fourth Of July with her daughters Savanah and Maddie. The mother-daughter trio visited Yellowstone National Park, where they were thrilled to see bears in the wild. This trip was likely a tribute to the late Garrison Brown, who loved wild places. Adding to the festivities, Janelle also traditionally celebrated Independence Day, sharing images of the parade. Her updates also showed her holding baby Josephine in her arms.

“Small town 4th of July parade. 🇺🇸The absolute best. Followed with a vendor fair at the park and kids playing in the creek that runs through town,” the Sister Wives star captioned the post. Janelle also added, “Back to the house for a BBQ and fireworks. I was happy to stay inside with Joey while @madison_rose11 and @brushcaleb lit fireworks with the kids and the cousins out front.”

Sister Wives: Janelle’s Kids Celebrate Independence Day In Las Vegas!

Janelle has been dedicated to creating new memories with her loved ones. Recently, she was also seen hanging out with, Christine Woolley. The Sister Wives duo revived an old Brown family tradition where they visited the Wyoming Mountains with their kids. As for the Fourth of July celebrations, some of Janelle’s children missed the Yellowstone trip. Fortunately, Janelle shared a glimpse of their celebrations on her Instagram stories.

Sister Wives
Janelle Brown’s sons, @janellebrown117/Instagram

Her sons Hunter, Gabe, and Logan Brown celebrated the Fourth of July in Las Vegas with Michelle Petty. Janelle shared a group picture of her sons and their friends as they lit up sparkles and smiled at the camera. “The Vegas Kids Celebrating,” she captioned the image. It seems Janelle’s children are keeping her updated and spending as much time with her as possible. In the wake of Garrison’s death, fortunately, her family is ensuring she is not left alone.


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