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Sister Wives: Cody Brown Forgot Another Child’s Birthday

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Cody Brown’s Troubled Relationships

“Sister Wives” star Cody Brown has already ruined his reputation among fans. His favoritism towards his fourth wife, Robyn, and their younger children almost broke the entire family. Cody and Robyn have become the ultimate villains of the series, along with their own families. Cody’s differentiation between his children and wives has led to significant backlash, especially when he forgot his son Gabriel’s birthday. His relationship with sons Garrison and Gabriel has been bitter since the COVID-19 pandemic, during which Cody imposed strict rules that caused friction. Janelle, standing up for her children, fought for their rights. Cody and Robyn have since been living a monogamous life away from the limelight after Christine, Janelle, and Meri’s exits. Now, it seems Cody has forgotten another child’s birthday.

Neglecting Milestones and Facing Backlash

“Sister Wives” fans have witnessed years of drama within the Brown family, particularly the rift between Cody and his sons Gabriel and Garrison. The estrangement stemmed from their constant clashes, with Cody once breaking Gabriel’s heart by forgetting his birthday and later abandoning Savannah on Christmas to be with Robyn’s children. Recently, fans lashed out at Cody for not wishing his daughter Mykelti a happy birthday. A Redditor started a thread revealing Cody’s oversight, pointing out that he previously forgot to wish Gabe on his birthday despite calling him that day to complain about his fever during COVID-19. Fans supported Mykelti, who has been trying to maintain a relationship with her father. One fan commented on how Mykelti realized she was putting in all the effort, while Cody contributed nothing. Others expressed shock at Cody’s neglect of his remaining children, with one fan remarking on Cody’s failure to learn any lessons from past events.

Father’s Day Snub and Janelle’s New Ventures

Cody’s strained relationships extend beyond forgotten birthdays. On Father’s Day, none of Cody’s children acknowledged him, choosing instead to move on from their past hurts. Fans were pleased to see the kids learning to move forward. Meanwhile, Janelle Brown has been pursuing her dreams and starting new business ventures. Known for her hardworking nature, Janelle left her difficult marriage with Cody in 2022 and faced the tragic death of her son Garrison in March 2024. Despite these challenges, Janelle has been staying positive and focusing on her family. Recently, she launched a new business based on her long-standing hobby of gardening.

Janelle’s Flourishing Business

Janelle has reportedly started a small cut flower business in Flagstaff, Arizona. She has filed business documents and an LLC for this new venture, which is a passion she shared with her late son Garrison. Additionally, Janelle runs an online health coaching business, Strive with Janelle, and is involved in the weight loss business Plexus. Despite facing many challenges, Janelle has been seen enjoying her time in Las Vegas, attending the annual Plexus convention and spending quality time with her family.

Family Dynamics and Public Perception

The dynamics within the Brown family continue to evolve. Christine Brown, another former wife, has been busy with her own life, including wedding plans with David Woolley. However, the relationship between Christine and Janelle seems to have grown distant, raising concerns among fans. Cody’s nephew, Ben Brown, has also entered the scene, providing commentary on his uncle’s actions and the show. As a stand-up comedian from a polygamous family, Ben offers a fresh perspective, drawing comparisons to his uncle Cody and critiquing his lifestyle.

Moving Forward

The “Sister Wives” saga continues to unfold, with fans eagerly watching the developments. Cody’s relationships with his children and former wives remain strained, while Janelle and others pursue new ventures and personal growth. The upcoming seasons promise more drama and insights into the lives of the Brown family.


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