Hot news ! Jasmine Admits There’s A Wait List Of Men Dying To Be With Her!

Jasmine and Gino quickly became the ‘it couple’ of 90 Day Fiance. They debuted before the 90 Days, and their storyline was so interesting and full of twists and turns that it kept everyone engaged. Well, they were successful in getting their K1 visa and moved to the US together. Fans are seeing their turbulent marriage unfold in Happily Ever After.


90 Day Fiance

There is already a buzz going around in the fanbase that since the season wrapped filming, Jasmine and Gino parted ways. In the new podcast, the former talked with another reality TV celebrity, Vinny Guadagnino, from Jersey Shore. While opening up, she revealed having men on a waitlist dying to be with her!

90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Reveals She Has A Wait List Full Of Men Wanting To Be With Her!

Jasmine and Gino began depicting their journey on the show through Before The 90 Days. Her possessive and fiery attitude, along with her partner’s submissive yet ignorant side, made good television. But as time passed, fans found out that they may have parted ways after their marriage. She is most likely in a new relationship with a man she met at her gym, Matt Branis. Well, these are merely reports and there is no confirmation regarding this.


Amidst all the chaos, Jasmine decided to appear in the ‘Something Went Wrong’ podcast with host Vinny Guadagnino. While they discussed the former’s journey and her involvement with the reality show, she admitted a lot of things. The star revealed having men on a “waitlist” wanting to be with her. Despite it all, she chose to be with Gino because of their “real connection.”

Jasmine revealed she had had men wanting to be with her and give her a lavish life. Yet, she chose Gino because what they had was love. Vinny also agreed with her and said that he, too, felt that her connection with the Michigan native was real, and he liked the 90 Day Fiance couple for that very reason.

90 Day Fiance: Fans Catch Jasmine’s Lies Again! Contradicting Herself

Jasmine and Gino have had a very turbulent journey on 90 Day Fiance. As the episodes progressed, fans realized both of them were major red flags. At first, the Michigan native upset the audience by leaking his partner’s NSFW pictures to his ex. Then, Jasmine’s possessive attitude also left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.


90 Day Fiance

During the podcast, Jasmine revealed that she had “never had a sugar daddy before.” Fans know it’s a lie. That’s because she and Gino had admitted once that they met on a “sugar daddy website,” and that’s how their relationship began. At the same time, there was a buzz about her ex-boyfriend, Dane, actually being her “ex-client.”

Hence, fans were disappointed that Jasmine’s willingness to lie on screen has not lessened even now. They are waiting for massive bombshells to drop in the upcoming Tell All as well after looking at this pattern.

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