I’m Not Attracted To You

After a revealing conversation with Igor, Nikki learns that he’s not attracted to transgender individuals, including her. This realization comes after a tumultuous relationship where Nikki feels she invested two years of her life. Despite the heartache, she sees it as a lesson in honesty.

Their relationship, which seemed like a fairy tale to Nikki, was shattered by the truth. Igor’s struggle with physical attraction to Nikki, due to her being transgender, was a significant issue for him. This revelation, though painful, was not surprising to many, as they had sensed this dynamic from the beginning.

At the “90 Day Fiancé” tell-all, Nikki arrives single, hinting that her relationship with Igor is over. However, she drops a bombshell, suggesting that there might be more to their story than meets the eye. She discloses a recent positive encounter with Igor, leaving everyone puzzled about the true status of their relationship.

Throughout the relationship, there were signs of toxicity, with both parties having trust issues and difficulties regulating their emotions. Eagle, despite being perceived as charismatic and nice, had faults that were overlooked, including cheating on Nikki after she applied for a K1 Visa.

As the truth unfolds, it becomes clear that the relationship was a performance, especially evident in Eagle’s behavior on camera. Despite his mixed signals, it’s evident that Nikki deserves better than a relationship built on pretense.

In a surprising twist, Jasmine, Nikki’s friend, reveals that she would be a better partner for Nikki than Eagle ever was. Eagle’s response to this revelation, choosing Jasmine to have a child with, further illustrates the complexities and delusions of their relationship.

In conclusion, Nikki and Igor’s relationship serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of honesty and self-awareness in relationships. It’s a reminder that pretending to be someone you’re not only leads to heartache and confusion.

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