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Firstly, the Spitfire Wheel range is broad, they produce a huge range of wheel shapes available in various sizes that cover the many different styles of skateboarding. Spitfire Wheels are predominantly made in 99a or 101a durometer and are largely produced using their trusted Spitfire Formula Four urethane. Spitfire Wheels also use a regular standard urethane for some of their Spitfire Classics and they also offer an 80a cruiser skateboard wheel. This soft cruiser wheel is made from Spitfire’s 80HD Formula, which promises no flex, so it will retain maximum speed on rougher surfaces.

What is Spitfire Wheels Formula Four?

Spitfire Formula Fours is the tried and tested urethane formula that Spitfire uses for a large number of their skateboard wheels. Spitfire also have their own standard urethane that they use on Spitfire Wheels Classics and some other wheels. Spitfire Formula Four has been developed over many years with a heavy amount of research and development by the Spitfire skateboard team. It’s definitely their most popular and best urethane to date. It offers longer lasting performance, unmatched abrasion, fewer flat spots and gives a lasting speed. These are just a few of the Spitfire Formula Four features.

Spitfire Wheels 99a, 101a and 80HD Durometer.

Spitfire wheels largely come in two durometers, 99a and 101a. The 99a formula is better suited to street skateboarding. It’s a hardness that provides great grip on most street surfaces while retaining speed, pop and a smooth ride. Being slightly softer than the harder 101a, the 99a is slightly more forgiving on impact.

101a duro is more suited to smoother transitional skateparks and ramps. Being a harder wheel, the grip is still there but slightly less so, plus you’ll feel the extra hardness of the wheel if street skating and taking some impact from stairs. It’s why the 101a is more suited to a smooth clean surface such as ramps and smoother skateparks.

80HD formula is the durometer that Spitfire Wheels use for their cruiser skateboard wheels. It is measured as 80a in the regular durometer scale. Being a softer skateboard wheel, these skate wheels will give maximum grip on all surfaces but give more density which weakens the pop of any tricks.

Just to breakdown skateboard wheel durometer real quick – the lower the durometer means a softer, smoother ride. The harder the durometer means a harder, bumpy ride. For example, cruiser skateboards have a soft 80a durometer wheel for a smooth, fast ride on any surface. This decreases your pop because the urethane is denser. But you are not really popping serious tricks on a cruiser skateboard with soft wheels. Or so we think?!.

Harder durometers around 100a can be as fast as softer wheels but only on smooth surfaces, such as a ramp, a new skatepark or really smooth marble or concrete surfaces. But the harder the wheel, the less density, giving you maximum pop in tricks

Six shapes to Spitfire Wheels

Spitfire Wheels Classics

‘The number one shape in skateboarding’. Rounded edges are perfect for multi-use skateboarding and give all around speed and control. If in any doubt of what you need, just go for Classics and you won’t go wrong. Shop Spitfire Wheels Classics.

Spitfire Wheels Radials

These are both the widest wheel and widest ride surface of any Spitfire skateboard wheel. They are less rounded and more of a square shape, which provides the most grip and control by having more contact to the riding surface. This wheel also provides a responsive slide and keeps your speed longer. Ideal for cruising. Best for mixed use in streets, skateparks and bowls. Shop Spitfire Wheels Radials

Spitfire Wheels Radial Slims

A slightly slimmer and lighter version of the Radial, giving a little more control over the slide but also keeps the speed just as long. Again, best used if your skateboarding is a mix of streets, skateparks and bowls. Shop Spitfire Wheels Radial Slims.

Spitfire Wheels Conical Shape

Conical wheels offer a wide ride surface but with a cut-off outer edge, which gives you less hang-up coming off the coping of ramps. With the cut-off edge, these wheels are less weight and are definitely better suited to transition skateboarding. Shop Spitfire Wheels Conical Shape.

Spitfire Wheels Conical Full

A slightly wider ride surface and a wider profile to the regular Spitfire Conical wheels. These are better suited to pools and transition skateboarding. Shop Spitfire Wheels Conical Full.

Spitfire Wheels Lock ins

The unique profile of Lock-Ins skateboard wheels give the inside hanger edge a sharp cut-off to provide maximum lock-in to the coping. The outside edge is rounded with a Conical cut. Best use is for transition skating and slappys! Shop Spitfire Wheels Lock ins.

Parade Opinion

Amongst the wide choice of Spitfire Skateboard Wheels, we’re certain you’ll find the right one for your skateboarding. Rest assured, when buying a set of Spitfires, you’re getting a premium wheel that has been produced to the best standards possible by a heavy team roster (past and present) that swears by Spitfire Wheels. We often get asked the question – what is best, Spitfire Wheels or Bones Wheels? We say that Bones slightly edge it when it comes to urethane technology and their proof of testing methods. If those things get you excited then you’re likely to swing towards Bones.

Spitfire is kinda cooler and by riding the fire you’re associating yourself with a huge crowd of believers

Spitfire Wheels also offer a similar range of different shaped wheels just like Bones and their simplicity of choosing either 99a or 101a, in the same Formula Four compound, can make it a far easier choice. So we believe it definitely comes down to personal choice. And dare we say this: Spitfire is kinda cooler and by riding the fire you’re associating yourself with a huge crowd of believers. There’s a reason many people have the Spitfire logo as a tattoo!

Parade has various sets of Spitfire Wheels including Classic, Formula Four, Conical, Lock-ins, Tablets and more.

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