In the “Messy” video, Quavo alludes to the Saweetie elevator incident

In the music video for “Messy” alongside Takeoff, Quavo revisits their epic elevator brawl with Saweetie.

Security footage shows Quavo leaning against the corner of an elevator at the 2:45 mark. The scene is an allusion to the alleged 2020 encounter between him and Saweetie in which she allegedly swiped at him before a battle broke out in an elevator at a North Hollywood apartment building.

Quavo picks up an orange Call of Duty case as the action comes to a close, shrugging in front of the camera. According to the CCTV footage, Saweetie and Quavo were fighting over an orange Call of Duty case when Quavo appeared to push Saweetie to the ground. He finally managed to arrange the case so that it blocked the elevator door from shutting while he waited for Saweetie to stand up.

In reaction to the elevator video, Quavo issued a statement denying that he had ever physically abused Saweetie. We went through a difficult circumstance over a year ago, but we both learned from it and moved on, he remarked. “I haven’t hurt Saweetie physically, and I’m really grateful for what we did share altogether,” the speaker said.

Although we have now mended and gone over this particular issue, Saweetie said of the incident, “This tragic occurrence happened a year ago. There were simply too many other hurdles to surmount in our relationship and we have both since moved on.”

Before the footage surfaced, the two split up. On Twitter, Saweetie announced their breakup and provided a partially covert explanation for their decision to part ways. I’ve been through too much hurt and betrayal behind the scenes for a fabricated story to be spreading that diminishes my character, she added. “Presents don’t cover up scars, and when intimacy is shared with other women, it’s not real love.”

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