Is Angela Rekindling Her Relationship After New Boyfriend? Michael Reveals Heartbreaking News 😢

Angela Deem, a star from “90 Day Fiancé,” is facing turmoil after her breakup with Michael El Samy. She has been on a rant, criticizing those who support Michael, including Kimberly and Jamal. Viewers are concerned about Angela’s mental health, noting her erratic behavior and suggesting she seek professional help.

Angela’s obsession with Michael has taken a toll on her well-being. She is unable to accept the breakup and has been lashing out at anyone who supports him. Angela’s behavior during live sessions has raised concerns among fans, with many speculating that she might be drunk.

As Angela cuts off people who support Michael, her health is deteriorating. She has lost sleep and weight, leading viewers to believe that she is not coping well with her grief and anger. Fans are urging Angela to consult a doctor and get help before things worsen.

On a different note, Jasmine Pann, another “90 Day Fiancé” star, has undergone a significant transformation since her debut. She has lost weight and changed her fashion, hairstyle, and makeup, making her almost unrecognizable. Jasmine’s newfound confidence has led her to consider entering a beauty pageant.

Despite her transformation, Jasmine remains private about her childhood. She has shared only a few details, including a photo from her early years in Panama. Jasmine’s journey from a shy girl to a confident woman is inspiring, and fans are eager to see what the future holds for her.

In conclusion, while Angela Deem struggles with her breakup and mental health, Jasmine Pann embraces her transformation and newfound confidence, highlighting the different paths reality TV stars can take after their time in the spotlight.

Is Angela Rekindling Her Relationship After New Boyfriend? Michael Reveals  Heartbreaking News 😢 - YouTube

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