Is There a Substitute For Velveeta Cheese? We Find Out


What Is Velveeta Cheese And Where Do You Use It?

Velveeta cheese is a pasteurized American cheese made from a mix of cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, and colby cheese. It also contains whey and milk protein concentrate and whey protein. It is a popular cheese for American cheeseburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches. It melts smoothly and has a creamy texture.

What are common uses of Velveeta? For nachos, quesadillas, macaroni & cheese, chili con carne, grilled cheese sandwiches, chips and crackers.

Is Velveeta cheese that nice that it can’t be replaced? What is the perfect substitute for your dish? Any healthy alternatives? We found out…

7 Best Substitutes For Velveeta Cheese

Cream Cheese…

One possible replacement is cream cheese. Cream cheese is naturally closer to the consistency and flavor of processed cheese. This substitution works best in baked dishes, such as casseroles or lasagna. In some recipes that call for Velveeta, cream cheese can be mixed with sour cream to create an approximation of the taste and texture.

Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese…

Another replacement is a shredded sharp cheddar cheese combined with a can of condensed tomato soup. The cheese melts more easily than Velveeta, and the canned soup provides a smooth texture as well as a strong flavor base.

Cheddar Cheese…

One easy replacement for Velveeta is to simply use shredded cheddar cheese. In most recipes with melted cheese, it’s possible to improvise with cheddar or another mild-flavored cheese instead of Velveeta. It’s not quite the same, but it should be close enough that it doesn’t throw off your recipe too much.

Cream of Chicken Soup…

One substitute that can be used in baked dishes like casseroles or lasagna is cream of chicken soup thinned with milk or broth. This will take on the same consistency and flavor as Velveeta, but it doesn’t melt quite as smoothly. It works best in cooked recipes where you can combine the rest of the ingredients into the dish while the soup is thinned like a sauce.

Mozzarella Cheese…

It’s possible to turn mozzarella into a melted smooth consistency by cooking it in boiling water, but this process can be difficult if you don’t have the right equipment. The best way to use this substitution is in cold dishes like sandwiches or quesadillas.

Cottage Cheese and Salsa…

To do this, mix one cup of cottage cheese with 1/4 cup each of milk and chunky salsa. This substitute will be slightly lumpier than Velveeta, but it should taste similar enough to work in your recipe. You can also use ricotta or cream cheese instead of cottage cheese. This tastes nice in dishes like chilaquiles or pierogi.

Cottage Cheese and Sour Cream…

One possibility is to mix one cup of cottage cheese with 3/4 cup of sour cream. This substitute will be slightly less smooth, but it should work well in a baked dish like lasagna or a casserole.

Chicken Broth…

This substitute works best for cold dishes, since the broth doesn’t have the same smooth texture as Velveeta. Mix one cup of chicken broth with one tablespoon each of cornstarch and water for an easy replacement that works best in cold dishes or dips.

Velveeta Substitute: 1 Easy Recipe to Make Your Own

There are several ways to make your own homemade version of Velveeta. It may take a little investment in time (approx. one hour in total) and ingredients, but you’ll have a delicious cheese sauce or dip at the end. The following recipe yields about two pounds of cheese – and is a perfect Velveeta substitute.


  • 1.5 gallons whole milk (can use low-fat or skim, but it will yield a less creamy cheese)
  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • Salt
  • Cheesecloth
  • Colander


1. Boil the milk in a large stockpot over medium heat, stirring frequently to prevent the milk from boiling over.

2. When it reaches a rolling boil, remove and add the vinegar – this separates the curds from the whey in a manner similar to lemon juice with scrambled eggs. The curds should separate and form a thick mass at the bottom of the pot. If the curds do not form a solid mass, add a bit more vinegar and stir.

3. Drain the mixture through a cheesecloth over a colander. The cheese will be very hot, so handle carefully with rubber or silicone gloves.

4. Allow to cool slightly, enough so that you can knead it without burning your hands. Add salt to taste and knead until the cheese is smooth.

5. Wrap the cheese tightly in plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks, or freeze for up to six months (allow one day per pound of cheese to thaw).

3 Healthy Alternatives to Velveeta Cheese

Grilled Cheese Sandwich…

One option is to use cream cheese which has a much lower fat content than Velveeta. It can be used in cold sandwiches and works well as a base for spreads and dips. You should also use whole grain bread, which is higher in fiber.


Italian Lasagna…

Using ricotta cheese as a substitute for Velveeta is an easy way to make lasagna healthier as it’s lower in fat, cholesterol and sodium. You can also use whole milk mozzarella or provolone cheese – either will work well with the addition of Italian seasoning and tomato sauce.

Mexican Quesadillas…

Velveeta is typically found in quesadillas, which are loaded with saturated fats. By substituting the cheese with low-fat mozzarella, you can still enjoy the cheesy flavor in this dish without all of the unwanted fat. You can also add seeds like flax or chia to give it an extra health boost.

Dairy Free Velveeta Substitute

There is a dairy free substitute for Velveeta. It’s called ‘Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet Cheese’ and it melts and tastes just like regular Velveeta. ‘Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet Cheese’ is made from a blend of vegetable oil, starches and cellulose, which makes it a good replacement.

It is also soy free, gluten/wheat free and nut free. It will cost more than Velveeta at about $5 approx per block, but it is worth the price.

Gluten Free Substitute For Velveeta

Gluten Free Cheese…

Try chips made with rice, corn or soy instead of wheat. For spreads and dips, there are many cheeses available in gourmet shops that are gluten-free.

There are rice cheese alternatives from brands such as Sunshine and Glutino. These products contain mostly rice flour with a little starch and a natural binding agent to hold the ingredients together.

Soy Cheese…

Many people with Celiac also cannot tolerate soy – but for those who do not have this problem, soy cheese is a great substitute for Velveeta. It tastes almost the same and melts just as well. It is a little higher priced – about $3 per package – but can be worth it.

Low Carb Velveeta Substitute

Cauliflower Cheese…

For a low-carb substitute, try using cauliflower grated with cheese. Cauliflower is full of vitamins and can be used as a side or substitute for macaroni and cheese or rice dishes. It has the same texture, color and flavor – but with less carbs and more nutrients like vitamin C.

Low Salt Velveeta Substitute

Monterey Jack cheese (shredded) is a pretty good low salt content substitute. It melts much like Velveeta and has a nice flavor. It goes very well with macaroni too!

Another idea is to shred your own cheese using low-salt cheddar – it doesn’t take long and can save you money!

In Conclusion…

As you can see there are plenty of alternatives to using Velveeta cheese. If you’re looking for a healthy low-salt, gluten free or dairy-free substitute – there are many options available. You can also make your own cheese at home – just try out what recipe suits you best. Worried about finding a substitute for Velveeta cheese? You shouldn’t be!

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