it Over Dallas 💔! Kalani Again Back To Asulue Refreshing New Life! it will shock you

In the latest developments on ’90 Day Fiancé’, Kalani and Asuelu have officially parted ways since their stint on ‘The Last Resort’. Initially facing challenges, Kalani has moved on with a new partner, sparking speculation about Asuelu’s status and potential deportation to Samoa. Despite initial uproar over Asuelu’s infidelity, Kalani has chosen not to deport him, allowing him to establish himself independently in the US. Asuelu, now thriving in Las Vegas, shares wholesome moments with his sons and has found solace in golf and community representation. Meanwhile, another couple, Colt and Emily, surprised fans with plans to stay longer in Cameroon after their successful wedding, despite initial intentions to return to the US. This decision has sparked debate about cultural differences and future plans. In other news, Alex from ’90 Day Fiancé’ faced criticism for seeking complimentary spa treatments for Lauren’s birthday, raising eyebrows among viewers. Their ongoing journey unfolds in the current season of ‘Happily Ever After’, revealing tensions over family dynamics and personal ambitions.

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