It well shocking news!!!’Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Reveals Ex Kody’s Message after Going Public.

“Sister Wives” star Christine Brown recently made headlines after revealing a message from her ex-husband, Cody Brown, following her public announcement of a new relationship. On Valentine’s Day, Cody reached out to Christine, with whom he shares six children and was married for over 20 years. Christine, who separated from Cody in 2021, disclosed this exchange during an appearance on US Weekly alongside her ex-sister wife, Janelle Brown.

In the message, Cody wished Christine a happy Valentine’s Day, acknowledging her new relationship with David. While Christine appreciated the gesture and reciprocated the well-wishes to Cody and her ex-sister wife, Robin Brown, fans were divided. Some found Cody’s message touching, while others criticized it as “creepy” and attention-seeking, especially given the timing on Valentine’s Day.

Christine and Cody’s relationship history includes their marriage in 1994 and the birth of their six children, with their youngest being born in 2010. Their separation in 2021 was announced by Christine, describing it as a difficult decision but emphasizing their commitment to co-parenting.

Since the separation, Christine has embraced her new chapter, returning to the dating scene. She met David Woolley in 2022 through online dating and got engaged after less than a year of dating. Their wedding in Utah in 2023 was attended by 350 guests. Despite taking Woolley’s last name, Christine expressed that she will always be known as Christine Brown, a name she has identified with for the past 14 years.


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