It’s An Ultimate Win For Michael After Being In An Abusive Marriage

Michael Ilesanmi and Angela Deem were quite a pair. They made their debut many years ago on 90 Day Fiance. Right off the bat, viewers understand the former is loud and quite controlling. Yet, the latter went on with their relationship. In a lot of segments, Angela did a lot of mean things to her partner, like throwing cake at him and ruining his car.

90 Day Fiance

Despite this, Michael used to be as submissive as ever and dealt with it all. Finally, they tied the knot on national TV. Now that the couple has been trying to get him to America. Tons of shocking truths came out from his life. The new episodes reveal that Angela has been trying to gather proof about Michael scamming her! Yet, viewers have seen him in America! How did he pull it off?

90 Day Fiance: Michael Scammed Angela For 7 Years? She Caught His Lies?

Michael and Angela returned on this season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. They had one goal: to get the former to America. So, most of their segments involved him preparing for his interviews. But when the time came for the final verdict and getting his spousal visa, Angela got the shock of her life. She discovered a group called “Paradise Men” on her husband’s phone.

It turns out Michael was an admin of a group with around 100 men. It had lots of suspicious things like pictures of old American women, tons of cash, and so on. Angela was tense if her partner was running a money ring. At last, she discovered the details of her tax returns were also in the group, and a Google search result of “life insurance,” and she wondered if Michael was trying to scam her or maybe kill her.

Angela decided to call an attorney regarding her findings, and she advised her not to assume much before having a conversation with her husband. She also said that if the 90 Day Fiance star attempts to stop Michael’s visa process, it would be a dead end. As in, they would never be able to apply again. Time was of the essence. If Angela wanted to take action, she would immediately have to mail the embassy about the findings.

Well, as Angela and Michael gathered to have a chat, she didn’t let him explain himself. He did try to come up with an excuse for the tax return details, saying the visa officials required these documents, and he had just asked the cafe guys to print it for him. But it still didn’t make sense why he would forward the tax paperwork in a group full of hundreds of men. At last, Michael was afraid his wife would come across more such findings and tried to snatch his phone. That’s when thre crew tried to break their fight and called for hotel security.

90 Day Fiance: How Is Michael In America After Angela Caught His Scamming Ways?

In the episode, Angela was anxious as she felt Michael had been scamming her for seven years. Well, the footage of these episodes from a year ago. There were pictures on the internet that went viral in January 2024, implying Michael was in America. Shortly after he was in Georgia with Angela, he went missing. Once the 90 Day Fiance star filed a case, the foreign man called the cops on his own to inform he escaped from his wife and had a burner phone.


Michael is also on social media and reports say he is now living a happy life in Indianapolis. But viewers are still confused as to how he was able to procure his visa even after this scam fiasco? Do you have any theories as to how it happened. Fans will have to tune in for more 90 Day Fiance episodes to know how it happened.

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